Goodness, I just realized I had not said very much at all (if anything) about the FABULOUS new Janome Digitizer MBX software that was launched at the same time as the new Janome Horizon MC12000.

JANOME DIGITIZER MBX is available as an upgrade or a full package of software

This new software literally blew my socks off. It contained SO much more than I had dreamed of and was expecting.  Yes, it adds the hoops and many features necessary for the new Janome Horizon MC12000, but it does SO much more. You do not have to have the new top of the line machine to appreciate just how incredible this software is: it is compatible with ALL of our embroidery machines and it includes Corel Essentials version 5. NOW we have a superior graphics component right here in the software so that all those clever and easy graphics techniques are now part of Digitizer and will make creating new designs and adding graphics to any design a walk in the park!

I am starting to do Software seminars at selected Janome dealers across my territory today so you might like to check if your local Janome dealer has been certified to sell this new software and whether they will be hosting a software seminar in the coming weeks & months.  Some that are planned are as follows:

Tom’s Sewing Machines, Surrey, BC – 28 November 2011

Langley Vacuum & Sewing, Langley, BC – January – date to be finalized

Sawyer’s Sewing Center; Victoria, BC – January – date to be finalized.

Just a teaser of some of the new features in this software

a little more information to "tempt" you to check out this software

One of the almost unbelievable facts about this new software is that virtually all Janome Digitizer owners (of previous versions) are able to upgrade to this software for one price!! I had to check this directly with the software developer down at Institute in Orlando as I figured that was simply too good to be true…….but is IS true: so long as you have a USB dongle with Digitizer 10000, or have Digi pro version 1, Digi MB version 2 or 3; you can upgrade.

I was also simply blown away by what is in this upgrade: way too much to go into now but I got SO excited when we had our training on this software in Orlando. It is really quite something.

A huge bonus with your purchase of both the upgrade to MBX and the full package is that you receive a DVD Tutorial FREE. This is hosted by Trevor Conquergood http://www.sunsetstitches.com/Home.html  This effectively means that your have your own dedicated software teacher in your sewing room as you can play that DVD over & over until you feel comfortable using the software. Many of you are familiar with Trevor’s teaching. If you are not, you have a treat in store – he will really make the software come alive for you.

SO…..do yourself a favour today: check out Digitizer MBX at your local Janome dealer who has been certified to sell the software.

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About lizafrica

I work for Janome & Elna Sewing machines in Canada and LOVE to sew. I have been employed full time in the sewing industry for over 20 years so I do bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.
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  1. Bastin Bérénice says:

    Hi there,
    This sounds very interesting indeed. You know, I am quite used to Digitizer Pro myself and created hundreds of embroidery designs because, with two friends, we are making a mark, you see. So, we would have loved to simply send the designs to workshops for a big production. Unfortunately, they do not work with JAN or JEF. They only use DST Tajima which does not allow them to edit the design in case of problem. Moreover, I don’t think it is possible to insert a threat cutter command with digitizer pro. Or at least I don’t know how to do it, even though I studied the manual closely. So, of course, it is a real problem for a big production because threads keep crisscrossing everywhere! Do you know whether MBX would solve this compatibility issue without my losing all the work I have already done ( just giving me a possibility to adapt my creations)? And do you have any idea of the price of an update from digitizer pro to mbx and whether it is possible to do such an update via internet? And, last but not least, will that still be possible to embroider my designs with my little Janome 350e ( for the tests, you see) ? Thanks a lot in advance for your kind answer. I wish you a very nice day, best regards,
    Berenice Bastin

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Berenice,

      You can change formats (jef; dst, etc) as well as insert cut commands in Digitizer Pro.
      Digitizer MBX (version 4) also has the additional feature of the “Always trim & tie-off” function which is simply too wonderful!
      ALL our embroidery software is compatible with all our Janome embroidery machines including the Mc350E.

      Please see your local Janome Dealer for further information about the various software options open to you as well as for training on how to use your software once you have purchased it. Research this carefully so that you are confident that your dealer will give you the support you will need as you learn the software.

  2. Melissa Fletcher says:

    I have a Janome 10000 upgraded to v3 software. I have the DitizerPro V 1.0 updated to V2 and the service pack. Can I upgrade to Version 3 or to the MBX? If so, how much would it cost?

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Melissa,
      Yes, you most certainly can upgrade to version 3 OR Digitizer MBX (version4). There is actually also version 4.5 now recently available too. ALL of these versions will work for your Janome MC10001. My advice would be to upgrade to Digitizer MBX version 4 as it will cost you almost the same as to go to version 3. And the “jump” from version 3 to 4 was huge. MBX is simply phenominal as it includes Corel Essentials v5 graphic software and a wonderful design splitting function + MUCH more. I think the upgrade was worth infinitely more than the upgrade price tag as there is SO much included in this version.

      I cannot give to any retail pricing, sorry. You would need to ask your local Janome dealer for that information.

      Janome Canada

  3. Kristina Lane says:

    I have a Janome 10001 that I just got. I have been using a small Brother machine to learn and wanted something a bit better. It is used but in amazing new condition. I have been practicing and it is working great. I however do not like the computer program that came with the machine at all. I have a small cheap program called In Stitches that I used with my brother machine that worked great with designing things along the lines of monograms, names and importing designs off the internet. I then would move them over to my brother machine. In stitches is compatible with the Janome machine I just change the hoop size and file format type. But, it doesn’t all stitch out perfectly like it did with my brother machine. I use a memory card to save from my PC and then put into the Janome since its a little older machine than my newer computer.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good cheaper computer program that will let me design letters, words, choose good fonts, import designs off the internet, monogram, etc and stitch good with Janome machines? I cannot afford anything more than approximately $300. Even if it is more than that I would love your ideas.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Kristina,

      Thank you for your query and we wish you lots of fun with your Janome MC10001.

      You do not mention the name of the software program that came with the MC10001: I assume it is a Janome branded product. Customizer 10000? Digitizer 10000? or another? Without this information it is difficult to answer you specifically. It could be a matter of the learning curve which is inevitable with any new software program. It could be that the In Stitches program did a good job of saving/converting to the Brother format but is not doing a good job with the Janome Format? Our software is object based and this might be the reason you seem to be having some unexpected results when you convert to .jef format. Perhaps your software is not able to deal adequately with an object based software format? These are just suggestions of what might be happening.
      We always recommend you use our Janome software products with our machines as we can support and explain your queries relating to our products.

      We have a number of embroidery software products. The one you might like to look at is our Janome Digitizer Junior which would fully support the Janome MC10001 in terms of hoop size, etc. This software allows you to customize/edit designs as well as do automatic digitizing of new designs from artwork such as bitmaps. It has a number of fonts you may use for lettering & monograms, etc. It does not offer all the features that our full Janome Digitizer MBX program offers (such as manual digitizing etc). However, it is good place to start and will do most of the functions you list.

      We recommend you contact your local Janome dealer for further information about this program and pricing. I think it might be a little more than your $300 budget.

      Janome Canada

  4. Deborah says:

    I have a Janome 10000 upgraded to the 10001 and also have the Digitizer 10000 but my computer has Windows 7 so a headache can I Use the Digitizer Pro MBX with my machine or is there a different version I should use

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Deborah,
      The only thing long term that works is to ensure you keep your embroidery machine, your software AND your computer current and therefore compatible with one another. I liken it to trying to watch home movies of my husband as a baby on those old movie reels? This cannot be done on a computer or DVD player unless we upgrade those old movies to a modern compatible format that modern machines accept. And that upgrading comes with a price tag attached. if we chose not to upgrade, we cannot watch those old movies and they are entirely obsolete and useless to us.
      The information I have is that you can upgrade your Digitizer 10000 software ONLY if you have a USB dongle for the software. If you have the older serial port dongle, then you are unable to upgrade to Digitizer MBX. You would have to buy the full new package of Digitizer MBX (version 4).
      The Digitizer MBX program IS compatible with your Janome Mc10001. All the models & hoops are contained in the software. The trick will be in getting designs from your computer to your machine seeing as the Janome Mc10001 does not have a USB port & your new Windows 7 computer in all likelihood does not have an ATA card slot.
      You might like to think about upgrading your machine at the same time as your software so that your embroidery machine and software are compatible with your new computer. Have you considered the New Janome MC9900? – which has hoops the same or larger than your Mc10001 and many top of the line features found on our Janome Mc12000.
      Have you spoken to your local Janome dealer or called the JANOME SOFTWARE helpline 1-800-0183 ext 775? You might like to do this to confirm the information I have given you and to thoroughly consider your options.
      Hope I was of some help.
      Janome Canada

  5. Could you be more specific about the specific advantages of MBX over Digi Pro V3?

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Carol,
      Yes, I can be very specific. The 2 versions are, quite frankly, chalk & cheese! The MBX looks completely different: the screen & icons have a fresh, contemporary look – updated. It is a very long list of new features. here are just a few:
      MBX includes a graphics program (Corel Essentials v5) – is now part of MBX so you can go back & forth between stitch & graphics modes to create incredible things SO easily. It is a very powerful program and requires a computer with graphics capability.
      In addition there are several wonderful new features such as:
      1. Ambiance Quilting (adding quilting to embroidery designs)
      2. Always tie off & trim – to get rid of those tiny jump stitches that can be so annoying – this is done simply by clicking one icon. It got a standing ovatiuon when this feature was launched!

      Actually there is SO much new & exciting that I am going to put it all in a blog post. I have 4 pages written up with all the new features – that is not even mentioning what we had before in v3 of Digitizer MB. So please watch this blog. I will post this info during February 2013.

      Personally, all the things I was “missing” and wished I had before Digitizer MBX, were given to me in MBX. I would highly recommend upgrading without ANY hesitation especially as the upgrade was SO incredibly inexpensive for what got added to our Digitizing software in version 4. Please check pricing with your local Janome dealer.

      Janome Canada.

  6. Yahya says:

    Hi teenybopmc
    how did you got the program to work.
    I had the same problem and could not open the digitizer MBX after 3 times of useing it. It says on screen it is still opening and not open for more than 6 hours.
    Please help


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Yahya
      I would suggest shutting down your computer and rebooting completely before trying to reopen your Digitizer MBX. Not 100% sure why but have found that this helps.
      If you continue to have problems, please call or email the software helpline for North America (if you live in Canada or America). You will find the email link on both the http://www.janome.com & http://www.janome.ca websites or call 1-800-631-0183 Ext 775.

  7. Liz says:

    Is it possible with the new program to digitize photographs from my computer that I have taken.

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Liz,
      Just had the exact same query from one of my Janome dealers! Wonder if you asked your dealer as well?
      Anyway, the answer is YES you can digitize photographs. Within the JANOME DIGITIZER MBX software program there is a feature called PHOTOCLICK which allows you to open a jpeg photograph you have taken with your camera and digitize it to stitch out at your embroidery machine.
      As you may know, a jpeg photograph is made up of many 1000′s of tiny pixels of colour. If you were to digitize this with the regular digitizing tools, you would end up with rather a mess as the software tries to digitize a separate object for each grouping of pixels of colour. There are just way too many shades of colour in a jpeg for that to yield a result that you will be happy with once it is embroidered.
      So you have 2 options: you can either “clean up” your photograph in a paint or photo software program to try reduce or simplify the blocks of colour – in other words you will be trying to create a “cartoon” type image before you even start the digitizing. This can take a rather long time + acquired software skills and still may not yield a result that looks like your photo.
      We think the better option is to use the PHOTOCLICK feature in JANOME DIGITIZER MBX which has this “magic” ability to take a jpeg photo & simplify it automatically to turn it into an image and embroidery stitch out that is a RATHER good representation of your photo. No, it will not be exactly like the photo, but if it is your house or Great Aunt Milly, you will definitely be able to recognise that and frame it as you would a photograph! The digitizing is a series of lines that simulate as close to the jpeg as possible. This can be stitched out in one colour (a lovely sepia photo?) or with multiple colours.
      Mmmmmm…so hard to explain what I mean without pics so I feel another blog post coming on about digitizing photo’s……watch this blog!!
      Janome Canada.

  8. shoupa says:


    • lizafrica says:

      Very easily…..please visit your local Janome dealer who will be happy to show & sell you the upgrade package. The part # for the upgrade from Digi MB to MBX is #254749001. You should be aware that we highly recommend that your computer operating system be Windows 7 64 bit or higher. This upgrade is quite graphics heavy and requires a computer with more graphics capability than older versions of computers.
      Janome Canada.

  9. meera says:

    can i use it to 350e

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Meera,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been away on vacation for 3 weeks.
      Yes, the Digitizer MBX software is compatible with the 350E.
      We also recommend that it is used on a Windows 7 computer operating system due to the large graphic component of the software.
      Your local Janome dealer will be able to assist you with further information.

  10. teenybopmc says:

    I need help with my Janome digitizer mbx.
    I just purchased a Janome mb-4 (still waiting on it to be delivered) and a digitizer mbx. I loaded the program to my laptop and uploaded a photo. I followed the steps to digitize the photo and saved the file. After closing the program, I tried opening it later, but the program nor the file will open. I just paid $1200 for this program, I need help to figure out what is wrong. Thanks

    • lizafrica says:

      You do not say who your local Janome dealer is? That really is the first “Go to” place for your training on how to use your MB4 as well as the Digitizer MBX. Photoclick is definitely not where I would have recommended you begin if you have not used any of our digitizing software previously.
      Whether it is a photo or bitmap type image that you have digitized, you should be saving it twice: once as a jan file (your working file to come back to if you need to edit or work on the design further). Jan files are NOT read by the machine. The design has to ALSO be saved as a jef file – jef is the format that the machine reads. I am not sure how or where you saved the file so I cannot really offer more help.
      When you tried to open MBX (and the file), were you using the dongle? Nothing will open without the dongle.
      Possibly if you were using the dongle & it is not opening, then it might be that your computer is not recognising the dongle? You don’t mention what computer operating system you have, so I’m not able to be more specific here.
      I think you should:
      1. Contact the dealer where you purchased these Janome products. They should assist you to get your software up & running.
      2. You can also email the software helpline (see link on http://www.janome.com or http://www.janome.ca) or you can call them; leave a message 1-800-663-7428 Ext 775.
      3. There is a DVD in the MBX box which is a tutorial that you can watch to help you learn this version of the software.

      Good luck – I’m sure you will be up & running once someone is able to show you how.
      Janome Canada.

      • teenybopmc says:

        Thanks for your response. I did go back to the dealer they could not help. They did gave me that number, I called and left a message no one has responded in over 24hours. I am not very computer literate. I really feel frustrated with this since the machine is limited without being able to add software to increase variability with patterns.

      • lizafrica says:

        What a pity your dealer was not able to assist you. The Software Helpline you called is for the whole of North America and it is not unusual for them to take some time to return your call or email due to the very high # of calls they receive. Please be patient. They will get back to you. You might like to ask your dealer to also put in a call for you – that way they will also learn through the process. One way or another, you are going to have to get training on both your machine and software. Without that, you will become frustrated. Your dealer should provide this for you.
        Another option is to contact Trevor Conquergood of http://www.sunsetstitches.com. He offers regular webinars on our Janome software as well as DVD tutorials that you can purchase & watch. Your dealer may also be able to order these DVD’s for you. See Trevor’s website for details of his webinars & DVD’s. He actually has a webinar today. You register online at his website. These are not free but may be the best route for you to go to learn the software and avoid further frustration.
        Janome Canada.

      • teenybopmc says:

        Thanks for the information and and all your help.

      • teenybopmc says:

        Hi, I want to say thanks again, Terry called and I got the program opened. It is very interesting for me since both machine embroidery and the program are new to me. I would like to use this forum to find out if any one in my area uses Janome or if there is an embroidery club I could join to create a support system with my new venture. I live in Western Ma., near the Ct border. Thanks again.

      • lizafrica says:

        I,m so glad you got sorted out. I knew Terry would be able to help you. Unfortunately I work in Canada and do not know the dealership network or customers in the US. You would be best to contact Janome America for that information. They have a Find a Dealer option in the top right corner of their website http://www.janome.com. Dealers are usually the place to go for Embroidery Clubs etc. Some offer them & some do not – you will need to make enquiries. You will also find the Janome Forum on this website where I believe you could ask questions and communicate with other Janome customers like yourself.
        Good luck with your embroidery & software journey!

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