Welcome to Janome Life, a fresh look at blogging the life and times of Janome Canada, our machines, the artisans that we work with and the wide and wonderful variety of all that is made using our sewing and specialty machines. Things to look forward to on our blogging adventure:

  • In the Studio With… – Mini interviews &  image previews of some of the lush and lovely work done by folks on their Janome Sewing Machines
  • Technique Tasters… – Quick looks at some simple techniques that can be achieved on one or many Janome machines
  • Machine Feature… – A close-up look at a particular Janome machine, accessory or feature
  • On The Road With... – Our education team will share snippets of their travels as they visit shops and shows across the country
  • Eye Candy… Let’s face it: in the worlds of sewing and creativity, we love to look at images of what people create, how they create & what inspires. Sometimes a photo is worth way more than the words that describe it

So, who is Janome Life?
Well, I hope that different voices will contribute to the content of the blog. It comes to you via Janome Canada, a subsidiary of Janome Sewing Machine Co., Tokyo. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of sewing machines and we will soon be celebrating our 90th anniversary. Our machines are sold through local, independent dealers around the world.

I suppose that I am first up to bat blog. My name is Debbie Bates. I have worked in the sewing industry for about 13 years. I started with Janome a few years ago as an educator and now work in media communications. Long before I started here, I was a Janome Girl! My first Janome was the MC8000, back when embroidery was brand new to the home sewing world. When the MC6500 was introduced to the market, I was one of the first in line to try one out at my dealer. My partnership with that machine continues today, as I have written two books with my 6500 making all of the samples that I have needed for my writing and teaching. Along the way, I picked up a Jem LXE for traveling and now regularly take my Jem Platinum as carry-on luggage for teaching.

But Janome Life is not just about profiles and pictures of sewing creations… you come here to learn more about Janome machines, right? So let me introduce you to our newest member of the Janome family, the MC7700QCP- the Janome Horizon.

Our newest member of the family

For a while, we only had two of these machines in the country, one on the west coast and one in the Toronto area. They were top-secret, under lock and key and only to be used by our educators for sample making and education. Then we were allowed to introduce the machines to our family of Janome dealers, and the excitement started to build behind a cloak of secrecy! Finally, we were allowed to release the machine to the public and she has met with rave reviews!

While there will be lots more to share about the Horizon, as a diehard 6500 stitcher, these are some of the temptations that I have discovered about the 7700:

  1. S P A C E ! – There is room for a girl to stretch out and create in comfort! I like to thread paint and free motion stitch and the Horizon gives me all-the-more room to work before I need to pause and reset my sewing position. This also means that if I happen to be working in a hoop (say, with water-soluble stabilizer), I can use a bigger hoop inside the harp of the machine). Bigger hoops=less breaks in sewing momentum!
  2. Bright Lights: One of the upgrades between the 6500 & the 6600 was the improved lighting. To compensate for that, I have kept a small lamp to the side of my machine. The lighting on the Horizon leaves my little lamp in the stone ages! Seriously. My little lamp comes from one direction to the side of my sewing, The lighting on the Horizon comes from five bright LEDs, so when I am stitching into the night, I can still clearly see what I am sewing.
  3. Quiet Cutting: I’ll admit that I am lost without a cutter on my machine. Sure, it is a bit of a luxury, and I manage on the Platinum without it, but… The cutter on the 7700 is smooth as butta!
  4. Stitch Play: I am a bit of a stitch addict… I like to play with my decorative stitches and will admit to longing for a few more options outside of what my 6500 has. There are stitches on the Horizon that are not found on anything else in the Janome line-up (oooh, the lure of exclusivity…)

    Some of the many new stitches to play with on the Horizon

  5. Embracing my inner Pack Rat!: When it comes to my little portable 6500 accessory box, the novelty has worn off for me! I have too many feet to fit in the box, so they tend to go missing. The Horizon tempts me with old-school flip top and free arm storage options. Little compartments for EVERYTHING! (It’s like organizing my Barbie™ shoe closet.)

    a place for every thing (I think this could even keep ME organized!)

That wraps it up for my initial introductions. I hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or at least something that you, dear reader, find useful in your sewing journey.

Do we only welcome Janome users here? Heck no! But if you are looking to invest in a sewing machine, we hope that you will give Janome a try. They are well-built, well-priced sewing machines that are easy to use and fun to play and create with.

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  1. Sheri Edwards says:

    Enjoy Janome Life especially since I have the new Horizon machine.


    • janomecanada says:

      Hi Sheri, Thanks for letting us know. We have been having fun with putting it together. We’re also always happy to hear from folks if they have a question or request to cover any topic in particular. Happy Sewing on your new Horizon!


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