Off the Wall

Canada’s GRAND NATIONAL 2010 Quilt show, Off The Wall, is currently showing at the historic Homer Watson House and Gallery in Kitchener, ON  from May 8 to June 13, 2010. The GRAND NATIONAL is an invitational quilt exhibition that celebrates both tradition and innovation. Entries come in from all across Canada. The range of techniques and styles are impressive. There are a few entries close to our Janome hearts:

Anna Hergert

ICEBERGS & COOL BREEZES, Anna Hergert, Moose Jaw, SK

Anna Hergert has won the 2010  Janome Award of Excellence for her Icebergs & Cool Breezes. (look closely to see the fractured effect of the quilt.) Anna is an outstanding Canadian artist and teacher. She offers a thoughtful and informative newsletter via her website, and you can read more about Icebergs and her art on her blog

Jill Buckley, the 2009 Janome Award of Excellence winner in the Postcard Greetings show, kicked things up with her 2010 Curator’s Choice Award winner, Graffiti. The contrasts of color and style offer an amazing interplay of energetic, contemporary work in a clever, traditional presentation. Do you see her question: “Is it Art or Vandalism?” (For a clue, click on the image). To see more of Jill’s work, visit her Blog, The Quilt Rat.

Jill Buckley

GRAFFITI, Jill Buckley, 2010, London, ON

Work in Progress, Graffiti

Another entry of note comes from Hilary Rice (Janome Award of Excellence winner 2007, 2008). The work is literally ‘off the wall’ in her rendition of a room divider, The Go Between.

THE GO BETWEEN, 2010, Hilary Rice, Corner Brook, NL

It is worth the time to click through to the artists websites and blogs for a ‘peek behind the curtain’ to discover their processes for creating their entries.

Our Best Wishes go out to all who entered the Grand National and congratulations to the winners. We are proud to sponsor such an impressive show of Canadian talent!

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