Digitizer 1-oh-wonder no more

Are you excited about the possibility of creating your own, original embroidery designs, but wonder how to begin? Have you taken the plunge and invested in Digitizer software, only to have it stare at you, unopened from a shelf? Or maybe you have dipped your toes into the digitized waters of embroidery, and now you are ready to swim. Well,wonder no more. Help is on the way!

If you want to get more comfortable with the Digitizer program, you will want to take Trevor Conquergood’s Digitizer 101 program. Hundreds of eager students have already tuned in and learned more about digitizing. In addition to getting more comfortable with your software, Trevor says that “… people really like the talk show style format and enjoy hearing from the invited guests.” ” They feel more connected to the family of Janome users.”

Here are a few benefits to the session:

  1.  You can join in your jammies & watch from home.
  2. Email a pre-show question to Trevor. It could be selected for inclusion in the session.
  3. Get inspired to try something new with Trevor and his guests.
  4. Explore the undiscovered capabilities of your program.
  5. The price is irresistable, it’s FREE!

Classes are currently scheduled for June 3 & 17, with more on the way. You can attend one or all of them. Click here to register and don’t forget to send Trevor an email about what you have been wondering about when it comes to Digitizer.

Trevor Conquergood is the founder of Sunset Stitches and is an expert in Janome Digitizing products. Sunset Stitches is independently operated and is not a company of Janome Sewing Machine Ltd.
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