Star Power and the Janome Horizon Mascot


We’ve all heard the stories of famous celebrities and their notorious riders (or list of demands tacked onto appearance contracts). Anything from water chilled to 48 degrees F (and don’t forget the bendy straw!) to specific scents  of Diptyque candles (J Lo’s favourite, we hear!)— had better be there or the celebrity could bolt with a bad case of diva fever.

Our Marvin is no exception… The super-stretch mascot for the new Horizon has a few demands of his own! He would like a pillow, made from only the finest  of fabrics, a full wardrobe, and… a new home.

We better grab our hammers & sewing machines…. there’s some serious dog-house building & sewing to be done. More to come soon (to a Janome Canada dealer near you).

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1 Response to Star Power and the Janome Horizon Mascot

  1. lizafrica says:

    Marvin’s dog house is on the way……he has his passport + blankee for the Fall weather and for when he feels lonely because you did not pop into the dealer’s store to visit him! ……………..All he needs now is to be taken for a walk or on vacation with you. He also needs a coat for the Fall & Winter. Please help him to stay warm.
    Please contact a dealer near you where Marvin will soon be ready to get dressed and go walkies………. I’m serious. Check it out!!


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