Night Jackets & Other Clever Cover Links

Gnomey's Night Jacket

The credit for this clever title goes to Elizabeth of E Made This. Visit her blog to find out why she calls her sewing machine “Gnomey.” Seeing Elizabeth’s Night Jacket has sent me on a Saturday morning detour because I don’t want to do laundry stroll through the blogosphere to see what other clever covers folks have made for their Janome machines. Here are some highlights:

The cover is cute... and look at Jo's wee pin cushion!

Jo, of Chubby Hobby in Sydney Australia offers a fun tutorial of her own. Jo has all sorts of sewing-knitting-crafting fun to share with a Japanese flair).

Sew Mama Sew posted a cute-cute-cute Patchwork Sewing machine Cover designed by Jessie K.eating of Tiny House. It is light and airy, ties at the sides and is easy to do in an afternoon with scraps hiding around your sewing room.

Happy Patches

I made a cover for my machine a while back…

... or make something else!

… but now I feel like I need a cover made of different colors/fabrics. I liked using the strip piecing because I could play with all of the stitches on my 6500 (not to mention the thread possibilities). And then I found what Traci was doing with colorful collage, and have ideas for a whole new cover…

Collage a Cover?

The ever-clever Traci Bautista offers a video on using her random stitched fabrics to make a  Journal Cover. Could this be converted to a Machine Cover technique?
Easy-going pointers from Traci (sewing on her Janome):

Traci Bautista's sewing space

….. Instead of free-motion stitching, she likes to use her reverse button. Lots of reverse!
….. She might have a few stitching ‘bumps,’ but that is part of her style.
….. Her thread is her paint

See more of Traci’s fun style in her book Collage Unleashed.

What Have you Tried?

Traditional to contemporary; patchwork or embroidery… the personality possibilities are endless. We would love to see what you have come up with. If you have made a Night Jacket for your sewing machine, drop a link in the comments section.

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