Linda’s First Time

I guess I’m next up to bat. My name is Linda Pidzamecky, Educational Consultant for Janome Canada. I’ve been with Janome almost 7 years. And I must say time flies when you are having fun! I’ve been sewing forever, having inherited my skills and love of sewing from my European grandparents and attending Ryerson Unversity, way back when to study Fashion Design.  Part of my job at Janome, is to travel to our Ontario dealers.  I have the opportunity to meet so many talented and interesting people.  So that’s one of the things I will blog about.  The other is my obsession with details. I absolutely LOVE to look at things to try to figure out how to recreate them on my Janome machines.  Yes that’s another fun part of my job.  I have access to the entire line of machines. And I love them all!  So I will be posting pictures of things I have seen and little bits of how I think they are done, what machine I could use, the best accessory for the job, etc.  If I get enough interest, I could write-up full instructions.  If you have anything to add to my suggestions or if you’ve seen something you’d like to share, please comment.

About LindaP

Educational Consultant for Janome Canada Ltd.
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2 Responses to Linda’s First Time

  1. Emma says:

    Hi Linda, I am a sewing fan enthusiasts of yours when you featured Janome sewing machines on the Shopping Channel recently. I would like to inquire if Janome fashion sewing feet attachment bundle (straight stitch foot/3 way cording foot/concealed zipper foot/ultra glide foot/pintucking feet needs twin needle) & Janome Decorative Sewing Feet Attachment bundle are compatible to my Janome Jem Gold Ltd. Edition Trim & Stitch Sewing/Serging Machine?Am a novice in sewing so I hope you could possibly enlighten me on these accessories.Thanks for sharing your sewing expertise to us.More power to you!

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    • LindaP says:

      Hi Emma
      Thank you! And my pleasure, I do love to sew and share! Yes the fashion sewing feet bundle will fit your Jem Gold Limited Edition Trim & Stitch. The feet will increase your creativity! When you use the pintuck feet and a twin needle, you will need to have an external or secondary thread stand for the second spool of thread. These are available at your local sewing store or you can create a makeshift one. Increase the upper tension of your needles by turning the dial to 8. Right now its around 4. Pintucks work best on light weight fabrics.
      Check out for videos on more accessories.
      Happy Sewing!
      Linda P.

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