Paper Stash Stitching

Simply Divine!

We just spotted some lovely stitched cards that Ashley Newell has made on her Janome. Her motto, “something bold… something new” gets top-billing on her inspiration filled blog. Ashley generously shares all sorts of card making ideas and instructions that will convince you to create some special correspondence of your own.

Darling to decadent
choose your style

But your manual doesn’t  SAY ANYTHING about stitching on paper...

… fear not! Stitching on paper will not hurt your Janome. A few simple pre-cautions (ooo, something dangerous MUST be in the works here…) will have you building an all-new stash of pretty papers.

1. Lengthen your stitch length; open up your stitches– Stitching too close together or too densely will cause paper to perforate.

2. Reserve paper needles in a special place- Do you keep your fabric scissors separate from your paper scissors? The same thinking applies here. Paper-stitching can easily blunt a needle, but that needle still has kilometers of paper stitching in it.

3. Stabilizers are not just for fabric– When stitching on more delicate paper, a layer of lightweight stabilizer can be added to provide a bit more substance for the stitch to ‘bite’ into without causing tearing.

A sewing machine makes a great addition to your paper crafting tool kit. You get ‘acid free’ adhesion and a great textural element to boot! The neatness or wonkiness of your stitching can add great personality to cards and scrapbook pages. Threads, fabric bits and sewing notions like zippers or buttons can all cross the divide between sewing and paper arts. The choice is yours.

Happy Sewing!

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