From the TTC to Land, Sea and Memory

One of Canada’s foremost textile artists is hanging a show of her newest work in Halifax, N.S. later this month through September. Laurie Swim’s latest presentation is called Land, Sea and Memory. Laurie has written three quilting books, including Rags to Riches. (Her Joy of Quilting was one of my first quilt books).  She has been making textile art for over 35 years.

End of the Day

Laurie’s art has been seen in numerous shows and collections as well as magazine covers and most recently, at the TTC station in the amazing “Breaking Ground: The Hoggs Hollow Disaster, 1960

Breaking Ground, Laurie Swim

This piece was unveiled in March 2010. It is an impressive 7′ x 20.’

Textile art at the TTC, Toronto, Ontario

You can read more in an interview with Laurie at Running WIth Scissors and on her website. Laurie worked with Janome in the past to promote the MC6600. Land, Sea and Memory opens July 23 and runs until September 5, 2010 at the Mary E. Black Gallery Shed 21, 1061 Marginal Road Halifax, Nova Scotia Telephone: (902) 492-2522   Opening Reception July 22, 6pm


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