Ladies, start your engines…

A preview of the exciting hands-on events happening across Canada

If you have not had an opportunity to sit down and sew on the new Horizon, MC7700QCP, the perfect opportunity could be coming to a Janome dealer near you. Call your local dealer and reserve a spot (driving goggles are optional!).

Happy Sewing.

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2 Responses to Ladies, start your engines…

  1. Teresa says:

    Could someone in the design department re-think the placement of the knee lifter? Perhaps come out with an arm that has a bend in it to make it closer to the center of the machine. It is too far to the right to be used comfortably if one is sitting in front of the needle, where one needs to be to sew effectively. Just my opinion.


    • janomecanada says:

      Thanks for writing. We have sent feedback on the Knee lift to our designers. The first action that they were able to take was to make the lift adjustable to a certain degree. That might help. I think that Janome was trying to walk a middle line to make the lift useable by people of all shapes and sizes. Some folks have tried wrapping a kitchen towel around the lift and securing it with a rubber band to expand the handle and make it easier to get to. Maybe that will help?


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