Fall Flowers

Carmi has been whipping up her latest paper creations for another T.V. appearance


The calendar is telling us that Fall is just around the corner, but that is no reason to not make flowers… and these are so brilliantly simple and sweet! Check out Janome Artisan, Carmi Cimicata’s blog to see her latest Janome Jem platinum 760 creations for 3 Birds. Such an easy-to-do technique will have your crafting in no time. 

To see the effect of tearing paper, try tearing a slip towards you. Then try tearing AWAY from you to get two different effects. Some papers have a white core, while others have a black core. Some are solid throughout. Painted watercolor paper can also look great when torn. Once you are comfortable with the paper, tear it into assorted flower shapes, layer and stitch into place. No need to fuss with glue and stitching adds color and texture – practical & pretty! 

Carmi will be on The Shopping Channel tomorrow sharing all sorts of paper creating (with and without sewing). 

Happy Sewing!

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