Share in the Janome Photo Shoot

The Janome Horizon Mascot has his own Facebook Fan Page


The Janome Adventures fan Page


You have seen our canine friend in advertising or on these pages. Now the little guy has his own Facebook fan page!

If you have a Facebook account (and if not, they are super easy to sign up for and they are FREE), we invite you to drop by and see what  our darling dachshund has been up to. You can join the fun of the “JANOME PHOTO SHOOT.”


Nova Sewing in Hamilton sent us this image of 'The King.'


Janome Dealers across Canada have their own mascot, each dressed in an original creation and looking for someone to take him for a walk. We invite you to drop by and take Marvin on an adventure- large or small, snap a few photos and share them on the page. (This is all done in good fun and is not a contest- just a chance to share your adventure.) You can also upload images of what you might have created with your Horizon- after all, we are all curious at heart and love to be inspired by each others creativity!


Marvin has been to Japan, Jamaica, San Francisco and now- Hawaii! Ready to catch a wave (or a dog biscuit) from his new friend, Sarah.


So pack your bags and prepare for an adventure- be it in sewing, creating or simply letting this pooch tag along for a trip to the zoo. If you would like to join Janome Adventures, we would love to have you- simply visit our Facebook page and click on the “LIKE” button, and you will be on Marvin’s best buddy list.

Happy surfing sewing!

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