A GOOD thing…

Janome awarded the Good Design award for superior design & functionality

It's sleek, red and it goes fast... winning attributes for these G-mark products

The Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO) has announced the winners for their 2010 selection and Janome has come out on top for the design of the Horizon as well as the 3160 & 2160 machines. Details can be found in this news release.

The Good Design Award, referred to as The G-mark is a prestigious award known throughout the global design community. A wide array of products are considered for this award that strives to

The next generation of electric toothbrushes from Panasonic

showcase design which enriches life and makes the day-to-day more beautiful.

Anything from tableware to toys; medical devices to motorcycles can be up for consideration. The winning products cross all aspects of life. It is interesting to wander through the site to see innovations that are on the market today, interpreting what were once only imagined designs for the future.

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