Janome.com Reloaded!

Have you seen the newest face of Janome.com?

Janome .com is the gateway to Janome websites around the globe. On your first visit, you have the opportunity to select which country  that you would like janome.com to point to. Since we can access Janome Canada directly through www.janome.ca, I set my computer to go to our sister site at Janome USA. ( I can still travel to any other country from here. Just look for the American flag in the upper right side banner to access other countries.)

This new gateway page to the website has a blog type of feel as new content is regularly added. Links to resources within Janome.com as well as video links make it worth visiting often.

Up close features give more details on particular Janome features including video content

A recent posting highlighted the PLAY stitches on the Horizon. Linda recently used the “Love” stitch to create a Button Heart Pillow.

One neat thing about the “Love” and “Sweet” stitches is that they are created without having to select actual letters from the font mode.
The new Horizon comes with 14 accessory feet. The Border foot guides you when stitching row upon row of decorative stitches and keeping them all in line:
The button Sewing Foot makes stitching on buttons a breeze – you won’t want to sew them on by hand ever again!
With So many options available today for learning and sharing, we hope that we are providing information that you find useful and inspirational. The new face of Janome.com is part of the ever-changing (and improving) process to bring you the latest and greatest that we have to offer. This blog, the various Facebook pages (here too) and even our YouTube channels add to the conversation mix.
Let us know what you would like to see more of and we will do our best to answer the call!
Happy Sewing!
Deb@ JC
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2 Responses to Janome.com Reloaded!

  1. Nancy says:

    Why can’t I find a Janome dealer in the Melbourne/Rockledge, FL area? There is nothing on-line. Why??


    • janomecanada says:

      Hi Nancy – We cannot speak for Janome America, but you can find a lits of dealers on their website, http://www.janome.com In the upper right corner, there is a ‘find a dealer’ button.
      If there is no one in your area, there are several large dealers that offer online sales and shipping. Hope that helps. – Debbie


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