Janome Machine Mojo with Mark Lipinski

Listen Live or via Podcast

Join Mark for Sewing Know-how with a twist (Click to connect)

The ever-vescent Mark Lipinski will be chatting with Alison of Janome America on Creative Mojo today. Have questions on how to pick the machine that is just right for you? You can call in LIVE ( 877 864-4869 ) 3 to 5 pm EST. According to the website, prizes are involved.

You can also visit the mojo website to listen to podcasts of previous shows. Mark has had to cut his travel schedule dramatically and those of you attending Quilt Market or Festival in Houston might be bummed to know that he had to nix market this year. He would love to connect with you on Mojo, so why not give him a shout out Janome girls?

Mark and Friends


Happy Sewing!

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