Free Embroidery for your Janome

Pumpkins never looked so pretty!

(especially at this price, $0.00)

Embroidery Library serves up a mix of free designs

I had the chance to catch up today with Janome Artisan, Lisa Graves (One of our MC11000 & Digitizer Artisans) and we chatted about all things embroidery- from threads to stabilizers to designs. She offered the Embroidery Library as a great resource that she frequently recommends to her students. Lisa says that the designs are well made and that the site frequently offers free designs for a limited time run (The Pumpkin is available through October 31).  You will also find a great resource library with anything from download instructions to color tips to stabilizer advice.

While we can not officially endorse any third party provider, we are happy to share a recommendation from Lisa who has extensive experience with the Janome 350E, MC11000 & MB4 as well as other brands of machines.

Happy Sewing, Embroidering & pumpkin picking!

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2 Responses to Free Embroidery for your Janome

  1. Penny Gibbs says:

    I also have a lovely new 500E, love, love it!
    I live in Havelock North in New Zealand


  2. Helen says:

    I just purchased on its release the Janome 500E I live in
    Australia…and I absolutely love it thanks Janome I also have the 300E which I use for charity work


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