Creativ Catwalk 2010 Photos

As promised… the photos have made their way OUT of the camera…

JANOME sponsors the 2010 Creativ Catwalk winners

The frenzy of creativity and skill:

The AOD booth is a hive of activity

Detailed story boards












and then it is showtime!

The team members

with faculty adviser, Keith Richardson

Each of the entries had their own special, jaw-dropping qualities, but the Academy of Design  rocked the Arctic theme.

Catwalk Debut

A turn on the runway offered a surprise detail

Talk about BRAVE! This Inuit art design is hand sketched onto the FINISHED GARMENT!

More Surprises! The cape reverses to all white

the iceberg dress- glacial white and reflecting the sharp edges of the arctic ice flows

Close-up at the judges' panel

Time to announce the winner:

The Academy of Design reacts to the announcement

Group Hug

And now, for the second year running, the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology has won the Creativ Catwalk challenge.

Conratulations to all- a show to be remembered.

The Facebook Review

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2 Responses to Creativ Catwalk 2010 Photos

  1. Sheron says:

    Hello My name is Sheron Martsvaladze I am an artist-designer I would like to participate in the fashion design competition and Tell me pleas conditions of Competition? I wonder all the conditions for competition
    Tahnk you Sheron from Georgia


    • janomecanada says:

      Hi Sheron- The Creativ Catwalk is a competition that is sponsored by Toronto area design schools. All of the participants attend these schools. An International competition would be interesting, but unfortunately, there is no way to do that at this time. Best to you in your design work.


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