Sewing: The Art of Costume

Notes from the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology Fashion Gala

Fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. – Donatella Versace

Fashion and the Art of Sewing a Statement

When we dress for the day, truly dress, rather than throw on whatever fits or is clean, we go through a process of costuming. We think about what we will do, who we will meet and what image we want to portray of ourselves. We make a statement for our audience to read.

The runway of the Creativ Fest’s Gala evening was filled with statements of up and coming designers and the audience could enjoy any number of interpretations. The clothing that the models brought us inspired with drama, design and technique.  I wish that I could have seen the design notes from each student to learn the story behind each piece. We view fashion most often from a distance, and like the painting on a museum wall, we are left to draw our own conclusions about the statement of the work. A front row seat could not get me close enough to appreciate all of the detail that went into each work of art, but the ever-changing parade of ideas inpired .

As we approach Halloween- costuming is top of mind for many sewists- only many of the models where a size 4T and quite often bundle their fashions underneath a warm coat! In celebrating the art of costuming, we wanted to share images from the Gala fashion show. Full credit goes to the students and graduates of The Academy of Design, and my apologies for not having each artists name to attribute the work to…


Minis in Menswear hiding a secret message










What is the story behind this personal favourite?









The techniques that could be glimpsed on the runway were intriguing. Pleating, ruching and fabric drape were artfully applied while things like zipper insertion and applique were given new twists. One of the joys of the show, beyond appreciating the tailoring skills of the designers, was to recognize that we sewists have similar skills. How can we challenge ourselves to use them in our own statement pieces?

From Playful

to warrior...

to princesse









So on this day of celebrating costuming we also celebrate sewing.  Thank you to the designers for sharing their talents and for inspiring and challenging us to make the most of our own.

Happy Halloween Sewing,

Deb @ JC



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