Sew Much Beads

Way back in August I had mentioned that for the first time I was registered in a couple of classes at the fall Creativ. My first class was with Maria Ryan, jewelery beader extraordinaire! We learned how to do bead weaving while creating a scalloped hearts necklace. I had done beading by machine a few years ago, but nothing like this. It was so exciting to see the piece emerging from my fingers.

Scalloped Hearts Necklace

I have since signed up for another class with Maria at the Toronto Bead Festival Fall Fair this coming weekend.

My next class that day was with William Hodge. Another very talented person! He uses beads to embellish his world. What I loved was he considered anything with a hole in it, to be a ‘bead’. He had many pieces of his work to share with us. He taught us basic beading techniques through demonstration. Our kits consisted of a bag of multifarious ‘beads’. See photo below. 2 bags of seed beads, a bag of sequins and 2 pieces of fabric, one plain and one printed. I wanted to try the techniques William encouraged us to try so I started with the plain one. He asked all of us how we learn. A few said by watching, by reading and by doing. William said we learn by making mistakes! How true. Well at the end of the day my eyes were done, my necklace almost and my fabric….a work in progress.

A Beading Sampler

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