Embroidery project idea and useful tip: Embroidered Christmas napkins

Christmas embroidered napkin

I used white cotton fabric to cut all my napkins. The edges were finished with my Janome serger using a 3 thread rolled hem.  In this instance I used a gold embroidery thread in the serger as I wanted it to match with the embroidery.

The first task for the embroidery was to mark the spot in the corner where I required the little embroidered Christmas bells to be. I usually use a blue water soluble marking pen. Remember to mark the top of the cross hair with an arrow as this is very important for hooping purposes. The arrow always points to the TOP of the hoop.

Next I hooped a layer of sticky stabilizer in the hoop – the smallest hoop for your machine should be the one to use to conserve stabilizer.  Do not hoop the fabric – just the stabilizer. Now score the inner rim of the hoop with a pin or scissor point and then diagonally across the hoop. Peel away the paper layer to reveal the sticky tearaway stabilizer.

Now position the fabric on top of the hoop so that the blue markings in the corner of the napkin line up with the hoop markings with the arrow pointing to the top of the hoop. If you prefer, use the Janome Clothsetter applicable for your machine as this will GREATLY  assist you.  WATCH THIS SPOT FOR A LATER BLOG POST ON USING THE JANOME CLOTHSETTER.

Now attach the hoop to your Janome embroidery machine and stitch out the embroidery design. I used a little design suitable for a 2x 2 inch hoop. You may use any suitable Christmas design you have.

HERE’S THE BIG TIP:  If you embroider something like a napkin or table cloth that will be turned over so that the under  side is visible, you may like to make your embroidery FULLY REVERSIBLE. To do this, you simply wind a bobbin for each colour you plan to use for the embroidery.  Then when you change the thread in the needle each time, also remove the hoop and change the bobbin colour as well. When the design has stitched out, you will be unable to see which is the top & which is the bottom. A little more time consuming but well worth the effort for some projects.

Reverse side of embroidery is the same as the top

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