Here’s some more embroidery FUN for you from Donna Morton on Vancouver Island……HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

Donna Morton is a good friend of mine. She is great fun to be with and I just love her embroidery ideas and the projects she has made with our Janome Digitizing software and embroidery machines. Donna is a true expert – I am always learning something new & exciting from her – Thanks, Donna! She works for one of our Janome dealers: Snip & Stitch in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC. We hope to share some wonderfully inspiring embroidery ideas from Donna in the months ahead so watch this space.

The first is a lovely CHARITY BLOCK that Donna has digitized using our Janome software. The artwork/image she used for the block is part of EQ7.  Donna asks that we freely acknowledge this artwork source. Permission to use the artwork was obtained from EQ7 for the purposes of the charity block only. Please be respectful of this.

 Charity Applique Block Digitized by Donna Morton

If you are interested in seeing the instructions for embroidering this Charity block, please visit the Snip & Stitch website and download the instructions and embroidery designs. All courtesy of Donna and Snip and Stitch – Thank you. Please read the information about what Donna intended the block to be used for and respect the thoughts and intentions behind it.

When you have taken a look and downloaded the instructions, you will notice that this block project consists of 8 different hoopings: 4 corner flowers with little heart and 4 applique hearts. The block is a 15 inch square which needs to be carefully marked as per Donna’s downloadable instructions  so that you can embroider the 8 separate hoopings. If you have a large embroidery hoop, you might be able to combine some designs to end up with less hoopings. This is best done in your Janome embroidery software program. However, the beauty of this project is that everyone can make it provided they follow the instructions and use the paper templates printed from the Janome software. The Janome clothsetter is an INVALUABLE tool for getting this perfect. YES…YES…Yes….I am working on a blogpost about the Clothsetter. You will have that next week – I promise. Then you will be totally set to embroider up a storm with this and many other multiple hooping projects………nothing to be afraid of. Our Janome Clothsetter is the answer for complex embroideries even if your embroidery machine only has a relatively small hoop.  Once you know how, it is so easy to hoop multiple times so that everything fits together perfectly. It takes all the guesswork out of placement of embroideries. WATCH THIS SPOT for more.

ENJOY!! Please let us know your stories of how you used the block for your favourite charity.

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