It’s our 90th Anniversary


As we shake off our New year’s eve and sip our first coffee of the day, we want to share exciting news: 2011 marks Janome’s 90th Anniversary! In 1921 our company (then known as the Pine Sewing Company) started operations in Japan. Later, when the company developed a whole new bobbin system (the now legendary ‘snake’s eye’), we were renamed JANOME. Ninety years, and many innovations later, we continue to work to bring you the best in sewing.

Join us in celebrating with a year full of fun. We will work to bring you more projects, more tutorials and more of what you want to see, learn and do with your Janome sewing machines. In recognition of our Japanese heritage, our 90th logo includes the sakura, or Cherry Blossom. We hope that this new year is filled with exciting learning and creating for all. 2011: Make it your year to blossom!

Happy Sewing

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