CHARITY SEWING….. we share a “thank you” with you

Donations to merriman House Dec 2010

Each year for the last 2 or 3 I have sent a box of goodies to one of the customers at Sawyers Sewing Center in Victoria, BC.  Judi Strelio has faithfully put together little cosmetic bags of toiletries for Merriman House (a shelter for women & children in Victoria) for a number of years. I seem to collect a large assortment of little shampoos, soaps & lotions during the course of all my travels + I love to whip up little zippered bags from leftover fabric; quilt blocks that don’t make it into quilts and “test”  embroidery stitch-out’s. Last year in November, I sent a big box of stuff to Judi and this is her report back of how appreciative this charity and the ladies were to receive the gifts.

Judi reports:

“Enclosed is a picture of the 30 fantastic gift bags that we delivered to the Sandy Merriman House Women’s Shelter in Victoria, just two days before Christmas 2010. This is the most bags we have ever delivered!

 As in previous years, each gift bag contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, one or more hotel sized shampoos, several bars of hand soap, cream rinse, a ball point pen, hand wipes, zip bags, and safety pins. Many bags also included additional cosmetics such as lipstick, or mascara, hand lotion, sewing kit, mouth wash, combs or brushes, perfume, nail files, etc, depending upon what I had available or what had been donated.

 As you may see in the attached picture, in addition to the cosmetic gift bags the donation included 6 large bottles of shampoo as well as 6 equally large bottles conditioner, as well as some hand soap that I was able to buy on sale. I am sure the ladies will use them when they visit the shelter.

 I want to thank all of my friends, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances who have assisted or contributed to this endeavour. The ladies receiving these gift bags appreciate our kindness, as did the volunteers at the shelter. I would especially like to thank the many sewing and quilting ladies who work at or visit at Sawyer’s Sewing Center for their amazing generosity, including Pat, Donna, Judi, and others, for their impressive collection of  “condiments” (their charming name for the hotel shampoos and soaps) in addition to many cosmetic bags.  I want to send a special thanks to Liz Thompson of Janome Canada who sent some cosmetics as well as some spectacular, one-of-a-kind bags that she hand-crafted. Thanks also to my hubby for his continued assistance.

 Here is the link to the shelter website, in case you are interested: Sandy Merriman House.

This might inspire you to do something similar for a Women’s shelter in your area? Alternatively, please feel free to give your contributions to me as I visit your favourite dealer’s store during 2011 and I will be most happy to pass these on to Judy and Merriman House later this year in November.  We are looking for those little shampoos, soaps, sample cosmetics and other “goodies” you acquire which you do not plan to use. For example, I was given a box of little emery boards (the disposable kind you just use once or twice and then toss).  I passed these on as well. In addition, Judi loves to receive the little cosmetic bags you might get as freebies from various brand name cosmetic company’s or little zippered bags like the ones I made & passed on. They are really so quick & easy to make: I can make one from start to finish in about 15 minutes. If you want to know how: ask me when I visit your dealer’s store and I will be happy to show you……OR send a comment/request to this blog and I will include the instruction notes.

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