YES… is here at last and worth the wait as I have step by step pics and instructions for you to follow.

First of all: you might like to visit and click on the Learning Center under Embroidery for video’s and other learning material on the Janome clothsetter.

Summer table cloth using the Janome Clothsetter for multihooping of embroidery designs: in this case – appliqued fruits.
  1.  CALIBRATE THE CLOTHSETTER: The first thing you need to do is CALIBRATE your Janome clothsetter to work accurately with your Janome Embroidery machine. Please see > Learning Center for more information & a video.   I usually just hoop up my ST (standard) hoop for the MC11000 with a sturdy stabilizer. Fabric is not necessary. Then I find that one built-in design which looks like a cross (All our Janome Embroidery machines have this design in the built-in design section). Stitch this on your Janome embroidery machine. Remove the hoop from the machine and attach the hoop to your Janome clothsetter in the correct slot for the ST hoop. Now take your screwdriver and loosen the screws which hold the metal plate in place (where you attach the hoop). Lower the Janome Clothsetter arm so that it rests lightly on top of the embroidery in the hoop.  Shift the hoop a little until the red Clothsetter arm marking is EXACTLY above/in line with the cross hair stitching in the hoop. Now tighten the screws taking care not to change the position of the hoop in any way. The Clothsetter is now calibrated for your machine and when fabric is hooped using the Clothsetter it should be accurately lined up in the center of the embroidery hoop at the machine as well.  Please note that the Macro hoop needs a separate calibration as this hoop attaches to a second spot on the Clothsetter.
  2. Please also note that we have been referring to the Janome MC11000 here. Other Janome Embroidery machines have Clothsetters that are different and specific to machine model so please refer to your favourite Janome dealer and Clothsetter instructions enclosed in the applicable Clothsetter box for further information. The Janome 200E has its own unique Clothsetter and the MC10000; MC350E and MC9700 have their own Clothsetter suitable for their A & B hoops.  
  3. Take a look at the completed table cloth in the pic above. I wanted it to look like fruit had tumbled out onto my table so it is seemingly randomly scattered. However, I actually carefully placed each fruit ahead of time. Each fruit was embroidered in a  separate hooping.
  4. Step 1 is to print templates of each design. You will need to own Janome Embroidery software to do this: Our Janome Digitizer Junior or the full package Digitizer Pro/MB will work perfectly. Complete the digitizing of the design or simply bring a design into the software. LMC File > Print Preview. This takes you to the template screen where you have an number of options. I suggest you check Clothsetter marking and Actual size. Then print the template. Regular computer paper is just fine though some folk prefer to print on vellum or clear sheets so that you can see through the template. However, I find paper works well if you cut excess paper around the design away before using the template to mark the fabric so that you can see better around the template.  
  5. Next is to punch 5 holes in the template exactly on the crosshair/clothsetter marking.  One in the center and one on each of the arms of the crosshair. 
  6. Mark a dot with a washaway fabric marker through all 5 holes.
  7. Remove the template and draw a line on the fabric with a ruler and blue washaway fabric marker to line up the 3 vertical dots & a second line for the 3 horizontal dots. BE VERY SURE TO MARK AN ARROW AS PER THE CLOTHSETTER MARKING ON THE TEMPLATE. This arrow always points to the top of the hoop and you will need this to be sure to hoop up the fabric in the correct orientation.
  8. Repeat for all the designs you wish to embroider. Alternatively, you may embroider a design and then mark for the next one and so on. I prefer to mark them all at the start. 
  9. Now hoop up the fabric in the applicable embroidery hoop by attaching just the outer hoop to the Janome Clothsetter. Lay the fabric over the hoop and lower the Clothstter arm. Line up the Red Clothsetter marking with the blue fabric marking.
  10. Insert the inner hoop and tighten in place being sure to keep the 2 cross markings lined up. 


11. Remove the hoop from the Clothsetter and attach to the Embroidery unit of your Janome Embroidery machine.

12. Stitch out the embroidery design. Unhoop the fabric and repeat the process for each design. I taught this class at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference last year and even though there are quite a few designs, you would be surprized at how quickly the project is completed once you get into the rhythm of hooping & re-hooping. The Janome Clothsetter is an invaluable tool that I could not begin to imagine not having around!

This is a pic of a much more complicated embroidery project. It is one block from the Jenny Haskins book and Design CD “Simon’s Folly” The block ends up being about 20 inches square and there are no fewer than SIXTEEN separate hoopings in this one block. Accuracy is vitally important as some parts of the design have to nestle right into another part. The Janome Clothsetter makes very easy and light work of this kind of intermediate to advanced project.  

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I am the National Education Manager for Janome & Elna Canada (including Artistic Creative products) and I LOVE to sew! I have been employed full time in the sewing and quilting industry for almost 30 years so I bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.
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  1. Cris says:

    Hey Liza, I commented last week about my Janome Digitizer Pro/MB dongle not working. My Janome Tech sent the dongle off to see if it can be repaired; but in the meantime I went ahead and purchased the Digitizer MBX. I have this problem with it. When the program loads up I get a message that says, “The UI Language registration list is invalid.” This eventually goes away, but is very annoying. Do you have any ideas of how to get rid of it for good? My Janome tech (sales rep) said to download the latest MBX update, which I did. This did not fix the problem. Thanks for any help. Cris


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cris,

      Unfortunately this janomelife blog is not able to offer specific and detailed Software assistance. Please can you contact the Software Helpline 1-800-631-0183 Ext775? They are set up and geared to answer these queries.
      Many thanks.



  2. Thora Casey says:

    Is there a schedule of Liz Thompson’s demos throughout BC? I would be interested in attending one. Thank you


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Thora,
      Where in BC do you live? I have just completed my Spring schedule last weekend in Cranbrook & Fernie. So I have been traveling hectically since mid Feb – sorry I missed you.
      I will not be traveling again until after Labour Day. I will be setting up those dealer events in the next month or so.
      I will be happy to publish that on the blog once it is all finalized – probably towards the end of the summer – so keep watching the blog!
      Your local dealer is also able to answer queries and do demo’s for you. If you tell your dealer you would like me to visit, perhaps they can call me to set something up for the Fall or Spring 2012?


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