Once again, as per your requests, I am posting the digitizing and embroidery instructions for the little Christmas stockings posted a while back. We’re not too late for Christmas 2010…….we are way ahead of the game for Christmas 2011!!





  • Draw or trace a little stocking shape on a sheet of plain white paper. I used a black sharpie marker to ensure a clear, sharp line.
  • Scan the page into your computer using your scanner as per the manufacturers instructions.  Please select .bmp format if possible.
  • Save each design as a bmp and name them so that you know where it is & what it is called – important when you want to bring the image into your Digitizing software. Or play “hide & seek” if you like!
  • Open Easy design in your Janome Digitizing software and select the RE hoop for the MC11000 or the B hoop for the 350E etc.
  • Click on Image: insert image on the top toolbar and go to the place on your computer where you saved the scanned image. Bring it onto the software screen.
  • Adjust the size/zoom so that you have most of the hoop visible on the screen.
  • Colour #1: Select a colour for the Placement line for the stocking. Select single running line & left & right click around the image of the stocking to create an outline. Remember that left click gives straight lines & right click gives curves so use the right click around the bottom of the stocking.  Enter to complete the running line and ESCAPE to deselect the function.
  • Colour #2: Change the colour and copy  this placement line as the second colour will be stitching line to join both layers together: front & back of stocking.
  • Now ensure this second line is selected and then right click to get the Object details:  Change the single run line to a candlewicking run line or a stem stitch – your choice. Make any other changes you wish such as size or spacing. It will show in the little screen what you have done so go back & change again if you do not like it.
  • Switch off the image if it bothers you while you are digitizing.
  • Now go to the embroidery album or the CD that came with your Janome Embroidery machine or any other source of already digitized Christmas designs: select a snowflake or holly leaf or something suitable for your mini ornament. Be careful not to choose something too large or complicated: a simple, small one colour design will be quite adequate.  Bring this design into the hoop using Embroidery: insert design in the top toolbar.
  • While the design is still selected (will be magenta in colour & have black boxes around the design), resize the design and move it to a suitable spot on the stocking.
  • Save the design as a .jan & .jef and name it stocking (or something you will remember.) If you intend to embroider it right away, then make sure you save the design as a .jef onto your USB stick – INSIDE the embf/embf5 folder.

 At the Embroidery machine:

The design may be resized slightly smaller and rotated to fit more than one in the hoop if desired.  Copy & paste the design as necessary.

  • Ring the changes with different designs on the stocking or add initials or a name instead if you wish. This digitizing of monograms & names can also be done in the software as shown in the previous blog post: Christmas mitts. 


  • Hoop up the B or RE hoop with felt. Stabilizer is NOT required if the felt is sturdy enough. 
  • Stitch out the design doing the snowflake or similar & then the placement line for the stocking. 
  • Take the hoop off the machine, DO NOT UNHOOP FELT. 
  • Turn the hoop over and tape felt to the back of the hoop to fully cover the areas covered by the stocking placement lines. Do not use glue as your ornament will stick together from the inside.  
  • Put the hoop back on the machine and embroider the final colour – stem stitch or candlewicking stitch around stocking.
  • Unhoop the felt and cut close to (but NOT through) the stitching. Use either regular scissors or pinking shears  – for a decorative edge.
  • Thread up a needle with a large eye with the cord and thread through the top corner of the stocking. Knot the two ends of the cord and hang up on your tree.
  • You may also pop a small gift such as a candy inside the stocking and lay at each guest’s place at the Christmas table.

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