Let’s go a-Ruffling

Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles. They never seem to go out of style, yet there’s always news that ruffles are coming back! The Janome Ultimate Ruffler is what you need to create the look. There are online videos at www.janome.com that show how to attach the ruffler to your machine and how to adjust it to your project. There is no magic formula, just basic math,  for figuring how much fabric to cut. As she says in the video, do a test piece of your fabric and a little math.

For example cut a 20″ strip of fabric, set the ruffler at 1, and adjust the depth of the ruffle with the black screw to a little less then half way or just below the #4, if you can see the numbers! Following the directions on the video or on the instructions that came with the ruffler, stitch the length of the 20″ strip. Remove the fabric from the ruffler and measure the finished length. My finished ruffle measured 5″ so my ratio is 4 to 1 or 20″ divided by 5 equals 4.  For an apron, with ruffling around the bottom and sides, the measurement around the perimeter is 40″.  So using a little bit of math, 4 x 40, you would need a strip of fabric 160″ long.

The ruffle can be a single layer, with one long edge finished first with a narrow rolled hem on your sewing machine or a rolled hem on the serger. If you want a double layer, fold the desired width in half and baste the raw edge closed. This will allow smoother feeding through the ruffler.

Let us know about your ruffling projects! I’m in the process of creating mine and will have it up here in tomorrow.

Happy Ruffling! Linda

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