Ruffled Flowers

Here’s my pillow! So pleased with it, I will definitely be making more! Here’s a quick how-to. Mark the center of a 18″ square, draw a 8.5″ circle, then inside that a 5″ circle and then inside that a 2″ circle. In the photos I used the Sewing Revolution Rulers that many of you have. My bias strip to gather was 3″ wide and approx 200″ in length. Its best to have a little extra.

Measuring Circle

Pinning first ruffle

Pick a place on the 8.5″ to start pinning the ruffle. Continue pinning around the perimeter of the circle, but stop 2″ from the beginning to allow you to gradually sprial to the 5″ circle. Stitch this first circle with a narrow zigzag, 2.6 stitch width, 3.7 stitch length. Remove the pillow from your machine and continue pinning the ruffle  gradually blending into the 5″ circle. Stitch with narrow zigzag. Continue pinning and stitching till you’ve done the 2″ circle.

The finishing can be done by machine or by hand stitching if you can’t get it back into the machine because of all the ruffles! The center of the flower should be full of ruffles to make it look like a real flower.

Spiral on back of ruffle

Ruffled Flower

Here are some other projects using ruffles. Insert ruffles around the edges, or do rows and rows side by side to cover the entire surface!

2 Ruffled Alternatives

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