March is National Crafts Month

How do you stitch?

In Canada and the US, we are celebrating National Crafts Month. With so very many uses for sewing machines, we are wondering, do you consider yourself a crafter as well as a sewist?'s new Crayon Roll up

Sewing machines make for the best in multi-purpose tools for creativity. The quilter, sewist, garment maker, home dec diva and crafter all find their unique use for stitches and threads. We thought that the Crayon Roll Up featured recently at had something to offer for anyone. While this petite roll up is perfect for crayons, a slightly extended version would make for an awesome journal pencil roll-up or artisan’s paint-brush tote – you can adapt it to your own stitching/crafting desires.

Whatever you chose, we hope that March brings you sunshine, inspiration and time to sew what you love!

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1 Response to March is National Crafts Month

  1. Ionne says:

    Great idea for corralling crayons! I made one like this -much deeper- for all my knitting needles, and then one for my crochet hooks, too. I used a fairly heavy vinyl to make the inside pockets, with a fabric binding for the top edge of the row of pockets.


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