This is especially for Debbie of McBride, BC who asked me last weekend at Prince George Sewing Center how to save her favourite stitch adjustments on her Janome Horizon  7700.  Glad I did not forget, Debbie! I am sure there are many of you out there sewing on your Janome Horizon who either are not sure how to do this OR did not even know it IS possible.

I love to alter certain stitch settings like my applique stitch, save it and then every time I select that stitch for future sewing projects, the machine will automatically display MY settings…… VERY COOL!

The Horizon MC7700 QCP sewing and quilting machine offers the ability to save your personalized settings for any stitch. To do this, you simply turn on the Favorite Stitch option. When this option is activated, alterations you make to any stitch length or width will be saved for future use.

In order to memorize a stitch adjustment for “Favorite Stitch” do the following:

  1. Select the SET button.
  2. Turn the jog dial until you reach the FS setting, or select this icon with your stylus.
  3. Turn on the FS (Favorite Stitch) function by turning the jog dial and pressing the confirm key, or by pressing ‘on’ with your stylus.
  4. Press the ‘x’ in the upper right hand of the screen to go back to the stitch display screen.
  5. Press “Mode” to go to the stitch selection menu. 
  6. Select the stitch you would like to adjust and maintain as FS.
  7. Adjust the stitch (for example – minimize the length of the zigzag #9 to be a satin stitch).
  8. At the bottom of the screen the stitch length and the needle position will have a box around it.
  9. Touch inside the box.
  10. Then the screen containing the “Memory” icon will appear reflecting your chosen stitch settings, and the “Memory” and “Set” icons. 
  11. Select the “Memory” icon and the adjusted stitch will be saved as “Favorite Stitch”.

 This information can be found on the www.janome.com website  on the this link which has diagrams & pics for even easier understanding.

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