I received an enewsletter from my friend Tricia at the Great Canadian Shop Hop today as well as an informative email from our President of Janome Canada about quilts and gifts for those who have suffered so greatly in Japan.  I thought it would be really good to pass all this information on to you all as I am sure you will be wanting to know where you too can help out.

This is the letter from  Patti  Carey of Northcott Fabrics – lots of great information about a huge container going in May to Japan (THANKS Tricia for passing the word on)

Hi Ladies,
Firstly, thank you for spreading the word about Northcott’s assistance in getting Canadian quilters’ quilts to Japan. We have received many positive comments in the past few days, as shops and quilters band together to create “blankets of love”.
As a result of my email, I was contacted by fellow Canadian Bev Rogan, who has set up a website www.quiltsforjapan.ca to also collect quilts to send to the earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan through a relief organization called CRASH. Bev has arranged for the quilts to be included in a 40,000 square ft container that Global Samaritan Resources, partnering with CRASH, is shipping to Japan in May. Bev was interested in partnering with Northcott to include as many quilts as possible. Our goal is the same – getting quilts to the victims in Japan. I see this as a wonderful opportunity – Global Samaritan Resources is paying for the shipping of the container – how generous! A further shipment, if necessary, could be covered by Northcott. I am happy to field questions regarding this, as several quilters have contacted Bev, expressing concerns and confusion on where the quilts are going.
I am also in discussion with the editor of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin to determine if she would benefit from also partnering with CRASH. Again, everyone’s goal is the same – to get the quilts to those who need them. The situation in Japan changes daily, and we will try to remain flexible in order to meet the needs of those in need.
There has been some confusion regarding the quilts themselves, as different bits of information have filtered through to me. Anything from crib to full will be gratefully accepted, though large lap/small twin is most requested (approx 50” x 70”). Warp-speed manic quilters like myself can work on larger quilts, while those who are more comfortable with a slower pace are encouraged to work on smaller quilts. Bev has some very helpful information under the How Can I Help/Quilt Specifications tab on her website, such as including a photo of the quilter safety-pinned to the quilt in a zip-lock bag.
I hope this update clarifies some of the questions that have arisen over the past few days, and that my “emergency relief co-ordination” skills soon kick in. If you could once again share this update with your network of quilting friends, I would very much appreciate it.
Regards, Patti Carey
Director of Marketing
101 Courtland Ave.
Vaughan, ON
L4K 3T5
(905)760-0072 (905)760-0073 fax
Visit my blog at www.pattispatchwork.com

My boss, the President of Janome Canada, approached our contacts in Japan asking specifically for information about Japanese culture : eg colours and symbols etc that would be appropriate for quilts and other such gifts to be sent to Japan. I found this information VERY helpful as we really would want to provide gifts that would uplift and mean something rather than offend due to ignorance on our part. 

Here are some items of which people may have bad images and so it would be best not to use these in our gifts:

– Using mainly black and white (image of funeral)
– Black cat, crow (symbol of bad happenings)
– Chrysanthemum (flower for the dead)
– Numbers of 4 and 9 (means death and suffering).

Our contact recommends we use various colors (colorful) –  to cheer people up.
Also, famous animals like dogs, cats, rabbits and so on are good to use. The panda bear is now also very famous because of the 2 panda bears which recently came from China and are now at the Ueno Zoo. People are very curious to see them.

I hope this helps those of you amongst our Janome folk in Canada who are wnating to get something made up ASAP to send to Japan.  I am always so impressed with people who are so willing to give of their time and talent to bring joy and happiness to others who are in need.


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