Can You Donate a Quilt?

Help Bev Rogan fill a container with Quilted Goodness – act FAST!

Word of Quilts for Japan is spreading. This home grown effort is gaining momentum as quilters across Canada (and around the world) hear of Bev Rogan’s tireless efforts to send help and hope to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims.

Details of how to enter can be found here. Basically, Bev needs quilts – lots of your lovely quilts, to deliver as much hope as possible. She has found aid organizations that are willing to do the hard work of hand delivering these quilts to those who need them most.

Quilts should be no larger than 50″ x 70″ (to conserve space). More details are available at the links. Most important – Bev must have your quilt in her hands MAY 24 – No Later!!! With such a tight deadline, she encourages us to keep the quilt simple, because “simple” gets done faster and is more likely to make the deadline. And be sure to add a message of hope to your quilt. Include your name and town on your label, but also pin a message or photo in a zip bag to the quilt. Your words can bring joy.

Victims need food, clothing and shelter – and many of us have donated funds to assist, but the opportunity to send something from your hands and hearts to another real person who has lost so much can not be replaced.

Ask your Janome Canada dealer if they will be sending a shipment and when you need to have it in, or ship directly to Bev. And remember to document your donation – snap a quick photo of your quilt to send to her website, or post to her Facebook page


We can do this- let’s get stitching! Please leve a link to your blog below if you want to share what you are whipping up! or if you have other info of interest, like a free pattern idea.


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