Hidden Fashion and Art in the City

Recently I had the privilege of judging a fashion show in the beautiful art district in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. The participants were given an bag of unknown contents, a theme and 24 hours in which to design and create an outfit! The theme was an afternoon semiformal tea party and as a good friend of the host, you were invited to a pool party afterwards. Your outfit had to transition from afternoon to evening.  They could only use what was in the bag and would be disqualified if something else had been used.  I was literally blown away by the resulting outfits and felt that they all should have won.  Someone used the cardboard from the bag as boning. A few used the covered button kits, but not at buttons, but as embellishments to add some ‘bling’ and create accessories. Another used the cardboard pkg as fringe coming from her headpiece.

The winners, Stephanie Rotz, Ally Graden, Lisa Newhook and Carlie Woodworth, were from the Waterdown area. The beautifully fitting outfit was a one piece jumpsuit with tuxedo details on the sides of the shorts and a removeable overskirt for the the evening.

!st place winners

Second place went to Merike Laigna from Hamilton. Her attention to detail was phenomenal. Merike also won the Grow award presented by Mirvette Darbaj. This award will give Merike a 3month space inside Mirvette’s new store opening in Yorkville, Ont.,  promoting Canadian designers.                                             

Grow Award Winner

 Congratualtions everyone! Best of luck to all who participated! Keep sewing and hope to see everyone next year!


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