Tweaking the Binding Wrap

How to Make Fine Adjustments with the Janome Binder Set

One last little bit of video from the “great binder demo” of 2011 series: discover how to tweak the position of the binding fabric as it wraps around the edge of your quilt. Need more binding towards the front or back of your quilt? Here’s how to make that happen:

Sorry for being ever-so-slightly out of sequence, but we wanted to get these out to you as quickly as we could. Thank you Janome Life readers for your patience.  We hope that these demos do the trick and help your on your way to the carefree binding of many quilts to come!

Happy Sewing Binding!

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2 Responses to Tweaking the Binding Wrap

  1. Cheryl Paul says:

    Thank you so much for these videos. It doesn’t matter if they are out of sequence, because, we are learning from them. You ladies are marvellous in making them up.
    Thank you again. Cheryl Paul – Saskatoon, SK


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