Just wanting to let you know that a number of the MC12000 feet & accessories have now arrived. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL JANOME DEALER for more information.


There are 2 different spool stands for the JANOME MC12000: one has spool pins for TWO spools/cones (part # 859429005). The other has FIVE spool pins (Part # 859430009).  Your local Janome dealer will assist you with pricing and ordering it (if they do not already have one right there for you to purchase).

These spool stands screw into the back of the Janome MC12000. They come complete with thread nets, spool caps, cone holders and thread guide.

This is perfect for embroidery as you can line up your colours. These spool stands accommodate from small 200m spools to LARGE cones of thread. The green and brown cones shown here are 5000m cones of embroidery thread - a great way to buy thread as it is usually so much more economical.

We highly recommend that you purchase one of these spool stands. The thread delivery to the sewing and embroidery machine is ALWAYS much better. You will find that any possible thread breakage will be greatly reduced if you follow these recommendations.

Other accessories which have arrived to date (January 2012) are as follows:

6mm hemmer foot #202080006

4mm hemmer foot #202081007

Acufeed straight stitch foot #202102005

Acufeed Ditch quilting foot #202103006  (YAH!!!!)

Buttonhole foot #202082008

Straight stitch foot #202083009

Border guide foot #202084000 (YAH!!!)

3-way cording foot #202085001

Piping foot #202088004

We will add further blog posts (with pic’s) showing what these feet and accessories are & what they do…………………so keep visiting this blog!

There are a number of other accessories for the MC12000 which have not yet arrived. We will notify you in due course when they too come in…….another reason to visit our janomelife blog often!

Please remember that everything mentioned in THIS blog posting is only applicable to the MC12000. As the MC12000 is a 9mm wide stitch machine, it requires feet with 9mm wide openings. If you had, for example, a border guide foot for a previous Janome machine, it will not fit on the MC12000 and you would need to purchase one specifically for the MC12000 as per above part #’s.

About lizafrica

I am the National Education Manager for Janome & Elna Canada (including Artistic Creative products) and I LOVE to sew! I have been employed full time in the sewing and quilting industry for almost 30 years so I bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.
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  1. Linda True Norman says:

    U.S. user and comment about the 5×7 hoop request – all embroidery houses make designs for this size hoop. I still have my 11K, and was one who requested the 5×7 for it. We got that accomplished and hope they come thru with the 5×7 for the 12K. Yes, we all want bigger and better, but don’t want to give up the hoop sizes we already are used to using. Stabilizer is a huge issue – can hoop bigger hoops for the 5×7 size, but waste LOTS of stabilizer in doing so. Still waiting for that 5×7 hoop!!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Linda,
      Thank you for your feed back. Rest assured many Janome customers have asked for the same thing and I know that Janome in Japan is aware of these requests. I do not have any information about if or when such a 5×7 hoop might become available for the Mc12000. Sorry. Perhaps we could all keep our fingers crossed & not give up hope?!
      Janome Canada.


  2. Hello…
    I’m new at this, I only have had my 12000, maybe a month now. Boy is there a lot to learn. Having fun though….I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer for me….I really hope they aren’t one of those stupid ones, where if I try it I’ll know the answer….LOL.
    first…..I have an order for 15 totes with design and saying on them for teachers. What I would like is to be able to get an extra hoop so that when I have one going I can be hooping the next and have it ready. Does anyone know where I can buy an extra hoop?? I have searched online, and I can’t find anywhere to buy another hoop. I have been using the SQ23 for this project and 15 of the same thing is very time consuming and I’m getting tired of changing thread….lol……which brings me to the next question….Is there a where to go from the last color on the design and start the next one with that color, kind of going backwards?? Out of all these that I’ve done, I have 2 that have mistakes….I hope that I fixed them good enough to give to my client. On embroidering the word ‘your’, the ‘O’ after it sewed that letter, it fell out. the whole ‘O’ not just the middle but the whole ‘O’….I ended up putting another piece of stabilizer on the back and then I backed it up and re-sewed the ‘O’. Anyone know why that would happen, and how to have it not do that again? It only did it on 1, the rest have been fine.
    I also have several orders for Koozie’s. Does anyone have any advice on doing them?? I have 2 weddings, one will be 150 – 200, the other is only 50. Then I have 3 small orders…lest then 12. Any comments, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
    And last but probably never least….. can I use bobbin thread as the top thread or are they too different?? I’m about out of my white or black, anyway. I have a big spool of bobbin thread, but didn’t know if I could use that for sure.
    I’m so glad I found this site……Thank you for your advice, help, tips….etc.

    CJ’s Creations

    ps….where can I get the spool holders, talked about above?? I don’t like it when the tread comes off when I’m trying to tread it. is there a right way to put the tread on??

    Thanks again…..Happy Sewing!!



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Colleen,

      You do not mention where you bought your Janome Mc12000. Not sure if you are a Canadian customer? The dealer you purchased from is always your first place to go for assistance including lessons, queries & purchasing extra supplies for your machine. Extra SQ23 hoops are available. Part # is 859822002. You may order this from any authorized Janome dealer. Both the http://www.janome.ca and http://www.janome.com websites have dealer locators on the home pages of the websites for you to find the closest dealer to you. But I am assuming you know where the dealer is that you bought the machine from.

      As to going from colour to colour: once again, we HIGHLY recommend you make an appointment with the dealer you purchased the machine from to get a series of lessons on this machine where you will be able to raise these queries and have them answered in person rather than sort of “blindly” in this format. However, if I understand you correctly, you want to skip forwards or backwards through the colours to avoid having to rethread colours repeatedly? This is quite possible by using the left & right scroll arrows just below the design on the screen of the Mc12000. These are the arrows pointing west & east just above the jog ring on the screen. There is also a + & – on the screen immediately below the design: this takes you backwards or forwards through a design stitch by stitch (it speeds up to 10 & then 100 stitches a time if you keep your stylus on the + or -) but if you wish to scroll colour by colour, it is the arrows you need.

      I am sorry but I don’t think I understand what you mean about the O in “your” so I am unable to offer comment.
      I also do not know what a koozie is so, again, I’m not sure I can assist you here.

      Bobbin thread is generally much thinner/more light weight than sewing/embroidery thread so I would not recommend using it in the needle. It may not yield the results you are looking for in terms of texture/embroidery coverage and tension. Only time I think I have used it in the needle is when making free standing embroidered lace: then I might use bobbin thread top & bottom for very fine double sided lace embroidery.

      One last comment I need to make: it is obvious that you are using your Janome Mc12000 to sew & embroider for a business – you refer several times to large orders you are busy making. We would draw your attention to the warranty card in the box: These machines are domestic/home sewing machines and the warranty does not cover commercial use. Please be aware of this as your warranty may be affected by your current use of the machine.

      Janome Canada.


  3. Nancy miller says:

    Where can I see the videos you talk about



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for your query. I covered this in much detail in my blog post on this janomelife blog on 10th February 2012: HOW TO ACCESS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO’S FOR JANOME ACCESSORIES. This explains very clearly where to find a bunch of information including all the video’s available (free) for you to watch on both http://www.janome.com (which is the Janome America website) as well as on our Canadian Janome website: http://www.janome.ca.
      I am assuming you know how to get to this blog if you’ve sent in a comment/query (www.janome.ca > click on janomelife in bottom right corner). Simply go to the janomelife blog homepage and scroll down the right hand side of the screen past Recent Posts and Links until you reach ARCHIVES. Click on February 2012 and then simply scroll down all the posts for this month until you reach the one HOW TO ACCESS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO’S FOR JANOME ACCESSORIES. It’s all there.


  4. Jocelyne says:

    Hi Liz, I love my new MC12000 machine it is awesome but the additional accessory I would like to see is hoop size in between SQ23 and SQ14 any possibility Janome will make that available?



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jocelyne,
      Thank you for your comments. We love the machine too! Others have made similar suggestions about extra hoops. In fact, some have asked specifically for a 5X7 inch hoop. We have already passed these requests through to the relevant dept in Japan. Hopefully we will hear something soon about more items coming for the machine.


    • Fmk says:

      Many of us are requesting the middle sized hoop as on the Janome 11000. Have you tried to put a 12 inch quilt block in the SQ23:9.1×9.1 large hoop (on 12000) …I have actually resorted to putting a larger tearaway stabilizer under my 12 inch fabric and cutaway stabilizer. Please a middle sized hoop for 12000.


      • lizafrica says:

        We have already passed along these comments and requests. However, I cannot help smiling just a little. Before the Mc12000 arrived, the general roar of appeal was for larger hoops PLEASE!!! Now we have these larger hoops, the call is for smaller hoops.

        I am assuming you are referring to hooping the stabilizer and/or fabric only? It is possible (I know because I HAVE done it) to hoop a quilt sandwich in the SQ23 hoop. However, it was not easy so I do prefer to hoop just my stabilizer and then lay the fabric etc over top and baste it in place with the basting function on the Ready to Sew screen. Or in the case of a quilt sandwich, hoop just my backing fabric and then lay the batting & quilt top over that.

        The double basting function on the Mc12000, is a very welcome feature indeed! I like to use water soluble thread for the double baste function so that I do not have to pick out the basting amongst my embroidery. Just spritz and I’m done.

        I am happy to tell you that an Acufil Hoop and software upgrade is coming soon for the MC12000 (within the next few months) so do watch for that as it may well be something you might like to consider.

        Happy embroidering!


      • Fmk says:

        I think when we requested “larger hoops” for the 12000, we did not wish to have middle sized hoop (as on Janome 11000-square) deleted. We do need different sizes and I wish Janome would really understand the need. Thank you.


      • lizafrica says:


        Perhaps I should ask the actual size you would like to see for a medium sized hoop? Are you referring to the 8 inch square hoop or the 5×7 RE hoop on the MC11000?
        I think part of the reason Janome brings out new and different sized hoops is because we do want to offer something NEW.
        However, I do recall that there was a huge outcry for a 5×7 hoop after the MC11000 was launched and Janome DID hear: the RE hoop became available. So, let’s wait I see what Janome has up their sleeve for the Mc12000 – Perhaps we will all be very pleasantly surprized.
        But rest assured that I have already (months ago) passed along information that folk would like to see other size hoops. If you can send me a message with your wish list hoop size, I will be sure to pass the info. along to our R&D team in Japan.



  5. margiepixie says:

    I look forward to your comments and instructions….YOU ARE GOOD!
    I hated the binder tool, until you put the videos on line….now I love it! Thanks for the support you give us, lizafrica!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Margie,
      You are so very welcome. I thoroughly enjoy my job and I love getting all our Janome sewers excited about all the things that they can do in their sewing rooms! We are hoping to tape some more video’s so I hope to put some of these onto the blog when we get ourselves organized this end (please be patient as we all have multi-tasking jobs!). In the meanwhile, I have pics and notes……keep checking back.


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