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THIS SUN DOES SHINE IN VANCOUVER!!!!!!!Sunday 15th January 2012

OK so it is my fault……..I admit it.   I was chatting last week with a co-worker and we both agreed (as it turns out,  prematurely) that winter was pretty much over for us on the West Coast and that even though we had only had one small dump of snow back in November, it wasn’t likely to happen again and we could expect Spring to be around the corner.

OK, I’m sorry………….. we spoke too soon. Of course, some parts of Vancouver have not had too much but I heard a short while ago that other parts are still being hammered today. They are expecting areas out in the valley to get possibly as much as 40cm.

Many of you know I only saw these sort of scenes on calendars & Christmas cards: Not much snow when you live in a climate like Hawaii's! So a lot has changed for me when I now see THIS outside my window - at least 5 inches yesterday morning. I am still very fascinated by the snow that sits on top of tree branches - I think that is so pretty. Methinks I will have to make a quilt with a tree covered in snow??!

OK so what has this all to do with Janome sewing machines????? Not much really. I just thought I would share something frivolous with you so that those of you who have had snow up to your knees for weeks & weeks already can have a good laugh at us Westcoasters – we are being dumped on this week and you do not have to feel sorry for us!   AND ……. of course, we have the perfect excuse NOT to go outside but to SEW and SEW inside all day – which is what I did yesterday!

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  1. Uli says:

    I was hoping for a bit more……………. a true, true snow (aka snowed in day where everything comes to a halt for a few hours) where I could have just said “too ugly out there to drive anywhere” and stayed home and played with my sewing machine all day. Didn’t live quite enough east for that.


  2. Cheryl Paul says:

    You Westcoasters aren’t alone. In Saskatchewan we usually have at least 30 below from Christmas or mid December to the middle or end of February. Blusters in March and even sometimes into April. Well this year we got lucky – snow in November then it warmed up and we hovered around 0 degrees until Saturday Jan. 14 and then we got a dump of snow. I was really put out when I went to church yesterday to have to drive in SNOW. Today I picked up a friend, went to another friend’s condo and sewed and sewed. It is cold though. Hopefully not for long.


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