I have had a lot of fun learning & playing with the NEW Acufil Quilting Kit for the JANOME HORIZON MC12000. This will be available very soon for all our JANOME HORIZON Mc12000 owners. Contact your local Janome dealer today to pre-order your kit.

The Geisha lady involved a lovely tea ceremony, has been quilted with my method of Free Motion trapunto  using high loft batting and water soluble thread.  Geisha Fabric panel and black floral print was purchased from Snip and Stitch in Nanaimo, BC.

Here’s a close up of part of the panel:

close up showing Free Motion quilting using the QO Free Motion foot on the JANOME HORIZON MC12000. Areas such as her face and the flowers in her hair, which I wished to have trapunto quilted, are left “puffy” while the background & other areas are fairly heavily free motion quilted.

I used the wonderful SEWING APPLICATIONS menu on the JANOME MC 12000 where I selected Free Quilting using the QV or QO foot. Once selected, everything is automatic: the feed dogs drop and I am ready to roll! I can, of course make changes to settings such as thread tension or ONE STITCH STOP. I really like this feature for Free Motion quilting as the machine takes ONE stitch and then stops to allow me to pull up the bobbin thread to avoid “mess” on the back of my quilt. I also chose to use the one step needle plate removal feature to exchange the regular needle plate for the single hole needle plate.  I prefer to do this when I am using a straight stitch for free motion quilting: my stitches are more even; there is way less thread breakage and I am a happy girl!!                                                         The JANOME HORIZON MC12000 really does it all for me!


I was, of course, real excited to get one advance ACUFIL QUILTING KIT to learn it and make samples before I, in turn, show and teach you how to use it.  So play time began…….I had this quilt top ready to sandwich. The panel was first trapunto quilted (see above).

I decided to quilt the multiple borders around the panel using my ASQ22 hoop:

  • First I needed to select which Acufil design I wanted to use: I chose the circular feather design
  •  Then the Acufil calculator assisted me to work out how many of these designs would fit across & down my borders.
  • The Acufil Tool was used to print out my templates + layout of the designs. As it happens, it worked out best to have 3 slightly smaller ones across the top & bottom with 7 down each side = 20 hoopings in total with a total stitch out time of less than 2 hours. The central panel took me far longer to quilt than that! – probably closer to 4 or 5 hours.
  • I decided to alternate the quilting with black cotton & gold metallic thread.
  • I used the templates (which I had punched holes with an eyelet punch) to mark the 20 hoopings. I used a yellow marker which irons away afterwards (wax base)
  • The hoopings were “a walk in the park” using the ASQ22 hoop with its hard template and 8 magnetic clamps. I did not even have to stand up between hoopings though it IS a good idea to get up, stretch & move around every so often.  I just popped the magnets, moved the quilt over to the next marking, pressed the template into place lining it up with my markings & re-clamped the quilt with the magnets.  If you have not yet seen or done this…………… are in for a big surprize! I am telling you: it is WAY easier on the shoulders and neck if you suffer with ongoing issues like I do. I am most definitely going to try to do much more of my quilting using the Acufil system…..I know my neck & shoulders are going to thank me. AND it is so much more perfect than any free motion I can dream up.  THE ACUFIL QUILTING SYSTEM IS TRULY AN ALTERNATIVE TO A LONG ARM QUILTER ……….contact your local Janome dealer soon to see this in action. In the meanwhile, check out this link for further information and video’s on the ACUFIL QUILTING KIT FOR THE JANOME MC 12000

I bound the quilt using the JANOME QUILT BINDER SET……..see the many other posts on this blog for further information (type Quilt binder set in the Search box to find these posts very easily. There are step-by-step instructions with pics + video’s to watch)

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