I promised I would give you the instructions for making the key chain or fob. SEE posts on 5th; 6th & 9th July (last & this week) to do with summer sewing/Lilac lines/eye glass case etc.

I got this great idea for a key chain or fob from my co-worker, Linda………thank you Linda. She made us one as a gift last Fall and I have used it constantly since then. Linda used “test” embroideries that she just could not bear to throw away – so she cut them up & made these key chain/fobs for us.  They are such a fun way to use up embellished fabric without just tossing it out which is such a waste of thread & fabric.

The best is that I can now pump my gas without having to worry about what to do with my keys. If I don’t have a pocket, where DO I put the keys while I get organized at the pump with credit card & airmiles card + fill my gas tank?  Now I just hook the chain over my wrist like a wristlet and I’m hands-free!

GREAT GIFT IDEA – make in their favourite colour or personalize with their name

You will need:

  •  a long skinny cut of the dec. stitched fabric. I did not have a long enough piece, so I joined it. I made mine just over an inch wide by approx 15 inches long.
  • 1x D-ring. Ask your local Janome dealer if they stock supplies for making bags. D-rings come in various sizes & colours. I chose very nice, silver ones (they are a Clover/Nancy Zieman product). The flat part of the D ring will determine what the finished width of your strip of fabric should be.
  • Follow the instructions in the previous posts for embellishing the fabric and edging the trimmed raw edges using yarn and a zig-zag stitch.  Go all the way along both long sides of the key chain fabric as well as the 2 short ends.
  • Thread through the D-ring and sew closed at the 2 short edges forming the wristlet . I used a triple straight stitch for reinforcement as I knew this is an item which will get lots of use.
  • Lastly, I used my JANOME zipper or piping foot  to sew another triple straight stitch line as close to the flat part of the D-ring as possible.

Very quick & easy to make once you have embellished your fabric and cut it up into sections for purse; eye glass case; key chain etc.  SO here is my suggestion:

SET UP YOUR SEWING MACHINE IN A NICE COOL CORNER – PREFERABLY OUTSIDE THIS WEEKEND (no time like the present)!  Then spend a couple of very happy hours dec. stitching and quilting your fabric.  Now you are ready to go cutting with that rotary cutter & ruler. Once that is done, you will be able to whip up so many of these key chains, or eye glass cases. HERE’S  THE DEAL:  get a head start on Christmas gifts by making these items as stocking stuffers or hostess gifts. We have a little tradition in our family: everyone gets a little gift on their side plate at the Christmas dinner table. These would be excellent for that.

I generally do not do Christmas cards anymore. Since we have moved so often around the world, I found an annual newsletter (now all by email) became my means of Christmas communication. But I do make a bunch of little things each Christmas and give these to family and friends in place of a Christmas card.

Each year it is something different: one year it was little embroidered felt Christmas stockings  or mitts (I am pretty sure these have been featured on this blog so do a search if you are interested).

Another year it was luggage tags Another year it was Christmas crackers…..again do a search as I’m almost sure I have featured this on this blog.

If you leave this until December, you will really be putting yourself under pressure. Don’t you hate that desperate, panicky feeling in early Dec when you realize that, once again, you’ve left it a bit too late and you are not going to get it all done by Christmas. Things have a way of escalating and then… guessed, it just does not happen, well at least not this year! That can rather take some of the joy out of Christmas for me so I am all about trying to do things well ahead of time…….well it sounds really good when said on 13th July anyway!!   And especially this year when I have a vacation in hot, sunny South Africa only returning to cold, grey Vancouver just before Christmas.  If I don’t try NOW, I’m done for this year!


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