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Recently I had the opportunity to take a couple of machines to CityTV to be on Cityline, Home Edition. Mary Dobson, their resident fabric expert was showing Ikea fabrics for home dec. They thought it would be great to show a range of sewing machines.  I brought our top of the line Memory Craft 12000 and one of our mid range machines, the Janome 4030QDC , for their television debut!

It was exciting to be in the studio audience watching the production of the show from behind the scenes. During a commercial break, I had to quickly set up the two machines, facing the cameras and then during a quick pause, turn the machines around to face the host, Tracy Moore and Brian Gluckstein to operate.

Tracy was really impressed with the MC12000 that it sewed by itself! Prior to show, I started an embroidery design on an apron. When the time came to restart the machine on the set, all I had to do was go into the embroidery mode and the machine resumed exactly at the stitch where I had left off!  When Tracy pushed the Start button, everyone caught their breath and were amazed!

If you watch the whole show, you will see my mom in behind, to the right of the woman asking about the bedroom with the fireplace. She had fun and was really surprised to see how the show was put together.

Link to watch the show !

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  1. Chris Krause says:

    They called the 12000 the ‘Cadillac’ of machines – yay! I’m finally driving a Caddy!


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