This is not a new book – published 2008 – however, it was new to me when it landed recently on my desk and I have been “devouring” it since then – especially one Sunday morning when I woke FAR too early for a Sunday! I eventually gave up trying to go back to sleep, got up & made myself a cup of tea to enjoy while I tucked into this book for a few quiet and peaceful hours.

The book cover states that this book is the “Bee-All & End-All complete quilter’s companion and essential resource”. This is no lie: it is “jam-packed with information, supplies, expert interviews, techniques, community , and inspiration”.

Meg Cox covers just about everything you can think of as regards Quilting in America from basic information about quilting tools; to lists & reviews of online quilting resources, blogs, websites,  books;  Profiles of 20 top Quilting teachers; a very comprehensive overview off all the major quilt shows in the USA; as well as 12 quilting projects with colour pics & detailed instructions……. and much more.

Two points:

  1. It does have to be realized is that this is primarily a book about Quilting in America. The Canadian Quilt of Belonging does get a brief description + a comment that it is  “one thing that Americans don’t have”.  See the Utube video about this quilt project – unique to Canada. There is also a couple of pages covering “The Quilt Boom Overseas” which  does mention that the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival draws crowds in excess of 300,000 people which makes it FAR larger than any single quilt show in the USA.  If you were hoping for a global quilting resource, this is not it.  It is, nonetheless very interesting. I do not rate myself as a beginner in terms of quilting + I try to keep  pretty well informed about what is going on in the current sewing & quilting “worlds”.  But I can tell you that I learnt a few things while reading this book – so much so that I think the book needs to be added to our Education Dept bookshelf.
  2. A book of this type does contain information that is reasonably time sensitive. So with the publishing date of 2008, I did notice that some of the information was a little out of date. However, the content was mostly still relevant and very useful.

Ask for this book at your local JANOME DEALER –  I am sure they will be able to order it for you if they do not have it in stock: published by Workman Publishing (New York)

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