I took a bunch of pics of the most amazing STORE SAMPLES on recent visit to SNIP AND STITCH, Nanaimo, BC.  These are all classes which this store is offering or have already been held this Fall season. I was SO impressed that I literally had to put my stuff down when I arrived and gaze at the samples for a while – SO beautiful. Kathy, the proud owner of the store, told me that all except 2 classes out of more than 100 offered this fall were/will be held. That is pretty impressive and not at all surprizing if you see the quality and beauty of these samples. Like I said……wish I could attend these classes myself!!!

This is a Donna Morton software & embroidery class called Petal Party.

Don’t recall the name of this class but isn’t it just lovely? Call the store for more details.

This is another Donna Morton software & embroidery class. I think I was told that it is a combination of JANOME DIGITIZER MBX & Artistic Sewing Suite software – which would be MOST helpful for cutting all those intricate applique shapes with the cutting needles.

If I am correct in remembering, this is a class taught by Julie

Sorry, I am coming up blank on the name of this class. But I am NOT blank on how simply stunning this beautiful applique and embroidery project is!

This is a class taught by Kathy Martinho – isn’t it just lovely? It is applique using die cut applique shapes so all the fiddly, time consuming work work has been pre-done!

Aren’t you lucky if you live in or near Nanaimo, BC? If I was you, I’d hot foot over to the store to see what classes still have a spot for you……or simply to gaze in awe at the samples as I did!

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