Inspiration for a New Year’s goal

I agree with Liz, New year resolutions don’t always work, but planning and setting goals do. Like a vacation… You need to plan how you will get there, from saving money to which airlines and when.

Your sewing and crafting goals are the same. Do you want to learn a new technique? There are many, many books, lessons online and classes in your community. Or have you been meaning to join that local quilt guild?

My goal this winter is to organize and purge my sewing space. Those UFO’s Liz mentioned are really weighing me down.  A customer in one of our stores, did complete all her UFO’s no matter what the style or size and donated them to the thrift store.  I asked if she would take mine?!

linda pic 1

An email came to us through our customer service from a very proud Janome owner and I thought it would be an inspiration to us all.  Val B. owns a Janome 2030QDC and an 1110DX serger.

Hi, just wanted to share a project that I made during November,
ready for the Nutcracker  Ballet in December. The character is called Madame Gigonne and is 11′ side to side, 6′ front to back and 6′ high. The frame is aluminum and wood and 8 little girls hide underneath until it is time for them to appear on stage and dance…. I had the pleasure of also being Madame G. for the first time this year.. the young man in the picture is the fellow who pushes me around the stage.

Frame of skirt

Frame of skirt

Frame with skirt

Valerie at work

I am very proud and really cannot believe I actually made it.. she lived in my living room ( she WAS my living room) for a month as I worked on took over 135 hours of sewing and an awful lot of cursing :0 It started with a secondhand quilt and curtains pulled apart and washed. Then I added various lengths of fabric all the while trying to keep it in Victorian style. All edges were first serged, then seamed together and some, at critical stress points, had bias binding put on….  Wow what a job Valerie, thank you sharing!

The incentive for me is also a deadline as is for many of you. In Val’s note, the first thing she said is…It had to be ready…. in December.

Let us know what your goals are….

All the best stitching for 2013!

Linda P.

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2 Responses to Inspiration for a New Year’s goal

  1. Bev Leischner says:

    Hi Liz and Linda, For the last few years, January has become the time I clean out and organize my sewing room and I am actually looking forward to it. I am already making lists in my mind of the new ideas I want to get started on when the clean up is done so the sooner I start the sooner I can get at the stitching and creating I really want to do. Organizing and planning certainly do help to get you on the path to creativity.
    Thanks for the little push your last few posts have given me. Nice to know that others are doing the same thing
    Bev in Alberta


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Bev,
      You are so very welcome. I honestly feel that if my working space is messy & untidy, then my mind feels disordered too and I find it hard to be creative. My creative flows definitely works better in neat & uncluttered surroundings! I have been doing a huge clear out & tidy up both at work (my education classroom) and at home (my sewing room and other rooms in the house) so my creativity will start again real soon… you. Have a GREAT creative 2013 & thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Janome Canada


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