THE SENSATIONAL SIP & SNIP………to help prevent those sewing room disasters?!

Well, just a few weeks ago while doing that big clean out & re-organisation in my sewing room, I will tell you that I knocked over my glass of wine.  Yes, how stupid was that! I could have screamed as the entire glass ended up all over the table as well as the floor! AND it was a glass of wine from a most precious bottle of Nederburg wine that I had brought all the way home from my recent visit to South Africa (my very favourite wine that I cannot seem to find here in Canada – sigh).  You can imagine how cross I was with myself for being so stupid.

And then just yesterday I knocked over my mug at work and had another mess to clean up – this time, cold tea!

So, I am sure you will appreciate that this little snippet in a magazine (FabShop News OCTOBER 2012) definitely caught my attention.



It is a handy dandy sewing related notion which attaches to the sewing table or desk and holds your coffee mug AND doubles as a trash baggie.  Also great if you don’t want a cold drink to “sweat” all over your working surface.  This little invention is the brainchild of Lanette Edens of Gypsy Quilter who came up with this rather clever notion for klutses like me!  The cup holder clamps to most table tops & adjusts to the height needed. The clamp is rubberized so it won’t damage your table surface. Most mug sizes will fit.

Don’t want to be as stupid as me? Don’t want to waste wine? or coffee? Or have the hassle of cleaning up a liquid mess?  ……. then you might like to check out this link for more information on where you can find this SIP & SNIP.  I am sure your local JANOME DEALER would also be most happy to order it for you if they don’t already have it in stock.

Just barely hours after this post was published, Sally sent a comment telling us about another very similar notion, the Scrap-Ma-Bob Cup and Bag Clamp-On
Holder – also with cup holder and baggie for your threads & trash (see pic below).  I am sure your local dealer can order it for you too.   Just thought I’d share this info as Sally had great things to say about it. Thanks for sharing, Sally!

Ensign Group Scrap-Ma-Bob Cup and Bag Clamp-On Holder

Ensign Group Scrap-Ma-Bob Cup and Bag Clamp-On Holder – show your dealer this pic so that they can order it in for you…..and others.

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6 Responses to THE SENSATIONAL SIP & SNIP………to help prevent those sewing room disasters?!

  1. Sally says:

    Hey…. It’s me again….. I just ran into this post again.

    A few days ago, I put pictures up on one of my blogs of my upcycled trash/cup holder gizmo.

    Just thought you might like to see it.

    Love your blog! And I love my 7700!



  2. Maj says:

    I just got to lol when you say “just order from your…” which brings me to this question.

    Over 6 weeks ago I ordered an attachment for my Janome 7700. Still waiting here in NC. Should this take so long? Please, any suggestions would be most appreciated Liz.



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Maj,
      Sorry you are having to wait for the attachment. You will need to inquire at your local Janome dealer where you ordered the item. It might be out of stock? – difficult to say as you don’t specify what attachment you are referring to. Unfortunately I am not able to assist you very much as Janome Canada is a separate subsidiary to Janome America. My advice would be to approach your dealer, mention how long you have been waiting and ask if they can tell you when you might be able to receive this item.
      Hope you get it soon so you can be sewing some exciting things soon!


  3. Sally says:

    Love your blog….
    Just wanted to say that there is another version of this product – here’s the shortened link for it:
    I went to a sewing retreat in October, and about half of the gals there had these! The model I have is only $17 including shipping in the US… (see the link above).
    Also, I like the wider opening of the trash bag than the one you’re showing… it’s easier to “hit it” – without missing when I’m tossing a thread – without looking. 🙂


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sally,
      Thank you so much. I will add this info to the post. Isn’t it great when we can all share information we have discovered with one another!


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