Beautifully digitized OSAWA FISH COLLECTION (available from your local Elna dealer)........Just exactly how do I get this design off the Osawa design collection CD in my computer and stitch it out at my embroidery machine?????

This is a really beautifully digitized design from the JANOME OSAWA FISH COLLECTION  DESIGN CD – available at your local JANOME dealer. BUT….how do I get this design off the CD in my computer and onto my embroidery machine to stitch out?????

The information here will be applicable to the following Janome embroidery machine models:  Mc9500; MC9700; MC300E; MC350E; MC200E; MC10000/1; MC11000 (all models); MC12000. Please note that there may be slight variations depending on your model. This is a broad overview so please send me a comment in the box below this post if you have a specific query OR see your local JANOME dealer for further information.

Your ATA card may look something like this. This one is an adaptor with compact flash card of just 256MB plugged into the adaptor (on the left)
Your ATA card may look something like this. This one is an adaptor with compact flash card of just 256MB plugged into the adaptor (on the left)
  1. First thing to consider is: What does your machine model have in terms of  transferring designs from the computer to the machine: Does it have a cable to directly connect? Does it have a USB port on the side of the machine? Does it have an ATA card (or compact flash card) port on the side of the machine? Some models have more than one option: cable and USB port (eg Mc12000) ; or ATA card and USB ports( eg Mc350E).
  2. If you are trying to find a blank ATA/Compact Flash card, please contact your local JANOME dealer as you will probably not find this at the electronics store.
  3. If you are going to use a USB stick: PLEASE do NOT use one larger than 1GB or 2GB. If you try to use an 8GB or 16GB one, you will more than likely run into difficulties. Trust me on this!  This is NOT applicable to the MC12000 – you may use large capacity media devices with this model only.  Small capacity sticks are pretty hard to find so feel free to contact George at Stitchitize in Saskatoon who has a supply of small capacity USB sticks for purchase that he has had made specifically for our machines. The link to his website contains Tel as well as email address.
    Small capacity USB stick for transferring designs from computer to embroidery machine
    Small capacity USB stick for transferring designs from computer to embroidery machine
  4. If you have the Mc12000; Mc11000 etc,  you will have a cable that was included with the machine which can also be used for transferring designs. One end plugs into your computer and the other end plugs into your embroidery machine.
  5. There is another method for transferring designs: using the CD ROM DRIVE. In a nutshell, this gives the option of plugging the CD ROM drive with a USB cable into the USB port on the side of the machine and then directly accessing design files from the CD without having to use a computer. This is compatible with some embroidery machine models (MC11000; MC350E).


If you require further information after you have viewed Part 2, send us your query in the Comment box below or contact your local JANOME dealer.

More cute embroidery: this is a STITITIZE embroidery design which I edited and changed to suit my purposes on the JANOME DIGITIZER MBX software and then needed to get it from my software program on my computer to the embroidery machine to stitch out ........easy when you know how: I just saved it as a jef onto my USB stick & then popped the USB stick into the USB port on the side of my Janome embroidery machine. Voila! baby quilts in the making......

More cute embroidery: this is a Mc11000 Square hoop STITCHITIZE embroidery design which I edited and changed to suit my purposes in the JANOME DIGITIZER MBX software and then needed to get it from the software program on my computer to the embroidery machine to stitch out ……..easy when you know how: I just saved it as a jef format file onto my USB stick & then popped the USB stick into the USB port on the side of my Janome embroidery machine. Voila! baby quilts in the making……


About lizafrica

I work for Janome & Elna Sewing machines in Canada and LOVE to sew. I have been employed full time in the sewing industry for over 20 years so I do bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.
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  1. Wanda says:

    I just bought a Janome MB4, when I transferred a design, it wants to stitch it twice. Help

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Wanda,
      Have you been to your dealer for your lessons on tHis new MB4? This will help you immeasurably to get going with your embroidery.
      If the design wants to stitch twice, it is highly probable that you have inadvertently pressed the copy icon so you actually have 1 design sitting directly on top of the first. I would look at the # of colours on the screen and compare this with how many there should be. If you have more – then it has been copied/doubled. If so, this is a prime example of why you need your lessons… that you can know what all the icons on the screen are and how to properly operate the machine. Your instruction manual will also be of great assistance to you.


      • Wanda Fields says:

        I ordered the machine online and do not have a dealer in our rural area of KY. However, I have been in touch with the sewing expert there and she is helping me. Thanks so much for you time and I will check it out again and see if I have possibly copied it.

      • lizafrica says:

        Hi Wanda,
        Excellent. Im sure it is something simple like I suggested.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Liz ,

    Hope you can answer my ?. I have a janome 11000 and want to know after I buy a disk with designs do I download it onto my computer (laptop) first and then put the janome key in the laptop and pick what I want to go on the machine? Then take the janome key and put in the machine before or after you turn the machine on. Then what and where do I go and do from there? Thank for your help.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Dawn,
      My first question for you would be to ask if you have been for lessons on how to use your Mc11ooo at the Janome dealer where you purchased the machine? This is very important as they would cover this sort of information. What you are asking is fairly basic machine operation + getting designs from the computer to the machine. Your dealer should be able to go through this with you step by step.
      Please read this series on the janomelife blog on TRANSFERRING DESIGNS TO MY JANOME EMBROIDERY MACHINE again carefully. I was very specific there about how to FORMAT your USB stick in the machine first and then how & where to put the designs from a CD onto the USB stick at the computer. Once that is done you would put the USB stick into the port on the side of the machine and open the design(s) you loaded at the computer. Whether the machine is turned on or off before you insert the USB stick makes no difference at all.
      And no, you do not download the designs on the CD onto your computer – just put the CD in the disc drive & copy the applicable designs straight from there to the USB stick.
      If you are still confused, I would highly recommend you speak to your local Janome dealer & have them go through these steps with you.

      Good luck with getting your embroidery going. Once you have done it a couple of times, you are sure to be a pro at it!


    • Dawn says:


      Thank you, for your help. I did call and contact my dealer and they will show me how to put all of the information I asked you on the USB and show how to do it on the machine.

      Your very helpful, Dawn

  3. DaniceB says:

    Here is the info you were asking about. Hope this helps!
    Intel-based Macs
    Because newer Macs use Intel processors, they can run Windows and Windows applications as quickly as PCs. Several different methods are available for running Windows on Intel Macs:

    To dual-boot between OS X and Windows, use Apple’s Boot Camp. This approach provides the most compatibility with Windows software and peripherals, but does not allow you to run Windows and Mac OS X applications at the same time.

    To run Windows in a virtual machine within OS X, use Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox. This method will allow you to run Mac and Windows applications concurrently, though the virtual machine does not support as much Windows functionality as a dual-boot configuration.

    To run Windows programs without having to install Windows itself, use a Windows compatibility layer, such as CrossOver Mac. This option typically offers good functionality for a limited set of Windows applications.

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Danice,
      Thank you for providing this information. As Janome does not support mac for our Digitizing products, we do not have or offer this information. But we appreciate your input.
      Janome Canada.

  4. Sharon Finch says:

    I am getting ready to purchase a machine; although I love and want to create Vintage Monogram designs and then have a machine that will stitch luxury linens for Vintage monogram work. I was going to purchase the Horizon 8900 although I am not sure if that machine has that capability. What software would I use to design on my PC and then use on a machine and which machine would you recommend. I also quilt and do heirloom sewing.

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sharon,

      It sure is exciting to shop for a new machine!

      I am not sure if you mean to do monograms in a hoop with an embroidery machine? Or whether you plan to use decorative stitches to embellish the Vintage linens you refer to?

      If it is the former, then the Janome Horizon MC8900 is not really going to do that as it is not an embroidery machine. It is an incredible sewing & quilting machine but does not do hoop embroidery. If you want to do machine embroidery, you would be wise to investigate the Janome MC9900 or our new Janome MC 15000.

      Both of these machines would offer you quilting and heirloom sewing options as well as embroidery.

      We recommend our Janome Digitizer software for use with our embroidery machines. It would be a good thing to investigate this on our blog or on the website as well as asking your local Janome dealer for more information. We have a number of different software packages and they would be able to help you decide the one which would be good for your needs.

      Janome Canada

  5. lynda says:

    I have just bought the mc350 and having it delivered tomorrow looking forward to trying it and will want to buy new designs just checking out were to buy and saw this site

  6. Laurie Crutchfield says:

    I have a Janome 11000 and would like to know what software I need to download on my Mac to be able to pull designs off of a CD through my computer to my machine.

    Thank You,

    Laurie Crutchfield
    Peoria, Arizona

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Laurie,

      Officially we do not support our software on Mac computers. But I can tell you that you would need the software program that makes your Mac look/operate like Windows. I am not sure of the name of the software but if you ask at your computer store, they should know what I am referring to. I do not have a Mac nor do I know anything about how our software works on a mac but I have been told by some customers that it works well once you have it set up with the software program I mention.
      Trevor Conquergood of might be able to offer you more advice.
      Janome Canada.

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