Quilting feet are not just for quilting

A while ago I received a call from a Janome girl who had a Quilting Kit that came with her machine.  She wanted to sell it to someone as she felt she had no use for it as she wasn’t a quilter. I had a great conversation with her and she no longer wants to sell it.

The walking foot or even feed foot is the perfect foot for stretchy fabrics, corduroy, leather, pleather and all those other fabrics that either don’t glide easily under the presser foot or get distorted as they are being stitched. With all the leathers, furs and suedes that are popular for fall this year, my walking foot will be getting a lot of use.

The free motion or stippling foot! Have you ever tried to sew a patch on, up a leg of a pant? Yes the pant leg slides perfectly onto the free arm, but how do you turn the pant leg to stitch the other sides of the patch?  Attach the free motion foot, drop the feed dogs, set your stitch to a zig zag, 4mm width will do, length doesn’t matter. Its now possible to stitch all around the patch, just by rolling the pant leg around the free arm bed.  You control the length of the stitch.

Another way I’ve used the P2 foot is attaching lace to a tank top. Slide the tank top onto the free arm, free motion zigzag around the lace and then cut the lace away from underneath. Perfect way to dress up a top or remove a stain!


The other 2 accessories standard in the kit is the seam guide and the 1/4″ foot.  Use the seam guide for care free sewing. It acts like a bumper or curb for your fabric, ensuring nice straight seams.  And the 1/4″ foot…many small crafts like dolls and their clothes require 1/4″ seams or use the foot to help edge stitch.

Think of the other many ways you could use your “Quilting Kit”.

Happy Sewing

Linda P.

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3 Responses to Quilting feet are not just for quilting

  1. Janice Fields says:

    Great article on how to use these feet.


  2. Lidwina Flavelle says:

    Great post Linda.

    I enjoyed this very much and the drop your feed dogs while you mend was something that had not occurred to me. I have sent this on to my sisters – both just purchased the new Elna Lotus and love them. And I have sent this on to two members of my quilt guild and heard back from one of them to say they enjoyed it too !!

    I enjoy watching you when you appear on the shopping channel you are very personable and explain things very well.

    Cheers from British Columbia,



    • LindaP says:

      Hi Lidwina

      Thank for your feedback! Its great to hear from our Janome and Elna owners! I shared this with my sister as well as she doesn’t like conventional sewing but loves to free motion.

      Happy Mending!
      Linda P.


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