When I opened our MemoryCraft 9900 and saw the exchangable faceplates, the creative wheels started turning. I love the turquoise face plate the best and thought with the white one I could get creative! Gelaskins are removable skins for protecting and customizing your portable devices. Ha, I bet they didn’t think of a sewing machine.

I went the techy route. After all it is what’s behind the quality and precision of our Janome machines. Remove the skin from the backing and with the sticky side facing you, stick it to a window with tape. The window becomes your light box. Press the 9900 face plate against the skin, lining up the images with the edges of the plate.  Remove everything from the window and working on a cutting mat with a really sharp exacto knife, trim to fit. Notching the skin where necessary to wrap around.  I’m sure this process will be easy for all you crafters.


If you’ve had the same thoughts and customized your machine, send us a pic and we will post them.

Here’s one that I know will make you smile.  Who doesn’t like bling!  Courtesy of Nova Sewing in Hamilton.  Thanks for sharing!

diamond edition

Happy Creating,

Linda P

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Educational Consultant for Janome Canada Ltd.
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  1. cherylsewing says:

    Linda, That is so clever. I don’t have the 9900 but the 12000. I’ve envied those changeable plates, but thought that the white was rather boring. Perhaps the next TOL will offer the changeable plates too and when I upgrade, I can do something creative too. Thanks for sharing.


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