Mark Your Space: Personalizing Your Hand Made Haven

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As part of our $10000 Dream Sewing Studio feature, today we bring you some thoughts on personalizing your ‘creating space.’dreams are hand made

The Craft Cave

First there was the Caveman. Then, the Bear Cave, the Bat Cave and eventually the bastion of the big screen, the Man Cave. Not to be outdone, Mom’s took to creating their own hide-aways too, but you do not have to be a Man or a Mom to claim your space to create: The Craft Cave.

Our creative spaces share similar needs: a place to sit, a space to sew {insert make-space craft of choice here}, a hiding space for storage. Each of us can accessorize, upcycle, refashion and multi-purpose our little corner’s of heaven in to unique, personal statements that hint at the style and personality of the maker. From a full room make-over, to claiming a cubby under the stairs, try some of these tips for marking your space:

  1. Real or Imaginary Walls: Can you separate your space from the surroundings? There may not be the luxury of 4 walls and a door, but simple things like a folding screen, furniture or carpet can stand for marking a crafting space as your own. One of my earliest spots was a corner claimed off of the play room. A few $5  thrift store half-height book cases served as dividers and held some of my stuff. The rule was ‘no coming past the shelves – sharp things there cause owies”
  2. A Chair or Two: Sometimes we need to sit at the machine and sew, other times we need to put our feet up and read the latest crafting magazine.
    Anthropologie offers all sorts of comfy chair options & inspirations for DIY versions

    Anthropologie offers all sorts of comfy chair options & inspirations for DIY versions

    I still have my curbside office chair at the sewing machine. It has gone through a few fabric face-lifts – but it fills the function. Sometimes we want to pause and fill the well of creative possibility and a comfy chair is just the place to sit and soak up new ideas. Let your perch be an expression of your personality. Added Bonus: having two chairs in your space makes room for a friend to visit and co-create.

  3. Color it Happy: personalize your creative space in your colour of choice. Painting the walls is one idea, but if this is not possible, think about large color splash opportunities like drapes, toss blankets or throw cushions to add a dose of your favorite hue. Fabric wrapped & framed  foam core is an easy way to make a color decorating statement as well.

    As seen on Anna Maria Horner's blog

    As seen on Anna Maria Horner’s blog

  4. Put a Pin In It: Try to add a pin board to your space for collecting ideas and inspirations. Don’t let it go stale or you might not see it anymore. Change it up with the flip of the calendar, keeping favourite scraps in a file and tossing those that lost their pizazz.

    Artsy Reuse, on etsy

    Welcome the work of a favourite artist into your space: like this piece found on Etsy by Kim B. of Kelowna, aka Artsy Reuse

  5. Art in Your Space: If crafting and creating is important to you, consider making space for the art of others on your wall. Support your favourite starting artist or pick up a classic poster to add art to your space. Regular visits to Etsy can turn you into a fan. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers if  they have any pieces for sale. This is often a great opportunity when taking a class with a national teacher.

    Re-purpose the old for new duty in your creative space

    Re-purpose the old for new duty in your creative space

  6. Beauties & Bibelots: What would your space be without a few personal mementoes?  Select framed pictures and meaningful trinkets are the ‘you’ of your craft cave. Be selective, and only make space for who & what you cherish. Repaint photo frames. Re-purpose pieces. That formal silver tray gathering dust in the china closet can have a new life and add sparkle to your studio space.

Personalizing your Sewing Machine Too?

Personal Settings have evolved from selected cell phone ring tones across all sorts of electronics, including sewing machines. Favourite stitches can be saved for future access. Stitches as unique as your personal signature can be created for stitching time and again (as with the Stitch Composer found on the MC12000 and the all new MC15000).


The MC9900

Even the appearance of a machine can be altered to reflect your preference. The Janome MC9900, part of the $10000 Dream Sewing Studio, features three face plates that allow you to make the machine most to your liking. Some creative folks have taken these changeable plates as step further with their own unique additions of decals and crystals.

Are the wheels turning yet for how to up the personal quotient of your make space? Next time we will look at finding a place to store creative stuff.

Till then,
Happy Sewing!

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