I am currently traveling around Western Canada doing JANOME MC 15000 Launch parties at selected Janome Dealers stores. I am just LOVING  the new JANOME  HORIZON MC15000…I have actually been sewing a LOT on it since I was privileged to go to Japan in June to receive training in advance of the launch on October 1st.  It would be an understatement to say that I was “blown away”! It is truly one heck of a machine. AND the response to the machine has been quite overwhelming……..we are selling out of shipments before the containers even reach our shores here in Canada!


It has all been SO exciting that I decided I would spent the next few weeks listing my FAV FEATURES on this incredible machine for you.  Here goes with Part 1:

It would NOT be a lie to say that I have been wanting to have an iPad for a very long time……. Well, I am super pumped to tell you that I now have an iPad to demonstrate to you all just how incredibly fantastic the 2 APP’s are: This is a JANOME EXCLUSIVE feature. There are 2 FREE apps for you to download from iTunes: AcuEdit & AcuMonitor.  WOW!!!!! this will revolutionaize the way you edit & embroider.

Edit embroidery designs on your ipad .......more flexibility, more fun and the very latest technology for your sewing & embroidery enjoyment.

Edit embroidery designs on your iPad …….more flexibility, more fun and the very latest technology for your sewing & embroidery enjoyment.

Ok, so not only can you edit designs on the HUGE 9 inch screen on the JANOME HORIZON MC 15000, BUT  you can also edit on your iPad  as well as on your computer with Horizon Link Suite software.  So there are no less than THREE places to go to do your embroidery editing where all 480 built-in designs are ready waiting for you! And before you start asking……for a limited time we are offering a FREE iPad with the purchase of the JANOME MC15000. Is that not the coolest thing or what???   And The Horizon Link Suite software is INCLUDED with the machine……just install the CD containing the software onto your computer (laptop or desktop).

BY THE WAY:  the screen on the JANOME MC15000  is the LARGEST screen on any embroidery machine currently on the domestic sewing machine market. It is the very latest technology with wonderful clarity and resolution … can read 16 MILLION COLOURS and is so clear you will hardly believe your eyes.



Another thing: you do NOT need to be connected to the JANOME MC 15000 when you do your editing in the AcuEdit  App on the iPad.  ALL 480 built-in embroidery designs are contained IN the App so you do not need to be concerned…it is all there ready for editing. You could be on a bus or plane or sitting on a beach having embroidery editing fun……miles away from your machine!

Have you looked at the blog posts during the month of October where I shared with you some of the wonderful samples we have created with this new JANOME MC 15000??? If not, you might like to scroll down the list OF Recent Posts on the blog home page and take a look.

NOW…..wait for it……………….The iPad connects WIRELESSLY  to the MC15000 so that you do not need a USB stick,  nor the cable,  to transfer your designs to the JANOME MC15000.   This is done effortlessly using the AcuEdit App. TOO COOL!

Of course you CAN also use a USB stick (up to 32 Gigs)  and/or the cable provided with the machine to transfer your designs – you have many options!! AND you no longer have to create EMB folders on the USB stick for transferring designs either.  Just drop them onto the stick & pop the stick into the machine! You may still use the EMB folders if you wish, but you no longer have to do so.  This is a JANOME MC 15000 EXCLUSIVE FEATURE.

So, to recap: There are 2 USB ports + the cable port on the side of the machine PLUS you now have wireless iPad connection as well.


I like to watch TV in one room while my embroidery machine is in another room (much to my husband’s relief as he gets distracted by me sewing while he tries to watch TV!?)   So I am wonderfully pleased by the fact that I can set the machine going with an embroidery & then go to the TV room with my iPad. The AcuMonitor APP monitors every stitch as my embroidery progresses in the other room. If I need to change a thread colour, or a thread breaks (these things do sometimes happen)….then I get a little signal on my iPad telling me of this. Man alive….am I loving this feature……..SO convenient!!  No more annoying jumping up & down while watching TV just to go check the machine …….now I can monitor everything remotely with AcuMonitor app…….EXCLUSIVE TO THE JANOME MC15000.

I am LOVING  the fact that JANOME has thought of EVERYTHING……….with my Janome MC15000 , I can go ANYWHERE I  want to go!!

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  1. shirley says:

    YES, there is wireless connection between the Janome MC15000 and the computer (laptop or desktop) provided you have a wireless router somewhere close enough to the machine & computer. If you go to the SET menu, select the wireless tab & do a search, your router will pick up the MC 15000, iPad […]

    Can you tell us where to find the instruction to make all three devices talk to each other wirelessly. My computer always asked for the USB cable.

    I have tried many times my Ipad and 15000 talk very well. Not my laptop and 15000 . I am sure I heard you say at a class your laptop an 15000 talk ? Or did mistake what you had said ?


  2. Cheryl says:

    I have tried plugging in a usb stick on my janome 15000 and cannot get the pattern to appear on the screen what am I doing wrong


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Really hard to say – It could be a number of things such as:
      1. What format is the design you wish to open? jef? dst? – if not, it wont open
      2. Is the design the correct size for the hoop?
      3. Do you know how to navigate to the design to open it?

      I would suggest you visit your local Janome dealer and ask them to show you how to open designs on the MC15000.



  3. Margaret Craig says:

    I have just purchased the Janome 15000. Have sewed out 2 designs: The one thing I find lacking is the feature that shows you where on the screen you are actually at. The Husqvarna ruby has this feature which I like. I am thinking of keeping my Ruby and the Janome. Perhaps it does have this feature and I do not know how to get it.?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Margaret,
      You 100% definitely have this feature!! Look for the crosshair in the middle of the jog dial (down toward the bottom left of the Ready to sew screen). I am quite sure your instruction manual explains this feature and the Instructional DVD may also show it. Your local Janome dealer where you purchased the machine will also be able to tell you about this in your owner’s lessons.
      Simply touch that crosshair which will turn black & a little cross hair will pop onto the screen & move as you embroider. I LOVE this feature!



  4. says:

    What kind of IPAD” size in GB for storage?


  5. shirleY says:

    I still can’t connect my I pad to my machine both are set up for wireless and both say they are connected to wirless. My sewing machine is named as well I did hook any ladies up for her now can’t do my own I need a video on how to hook machine to Ipad hoping for one on youtube I must be missing something my machine is fairley close to the router .
    Any hints for me?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Shirley,
      Which dealer did you purchase your MC15000 from? They should be able to assist you with this.
      But let’s see what I can do for you:
      1. The naming of the machine is irrelevant to this connection process.
      2. Unfortunately we do not have a video and I am unaware of any plans to make one as our dealers selling the machine should have received adequate training in order to lead you through this process.
      3. First – switch off the machine and iPad – close down the Ipad, not just closing AcuEdit.
      4. Then switch on the iPad again and ensure that the 2 App’s open correctly. Do not try to connect to the machine yet.
      5. Now switch on the machine & go to the SET menu and wireless tab at the top
      6. If your machine is close enough to the wireless router it will automatically detect this and the Wireless Lan will show the name of your network just under the ON/OFF. If it does not, then you are probably too far from the router or it is not detecting it for some other reason. Ensure this screen on the machine indicates that the wireless Lan is switched ON – this means the ON icon should be black.
      7. Now touch the “gears/cogs” icon at the bottom of the screen.
      8. Ensure DHCP is switched ON
      9. Touch SEARCH and you should see your network router name come up. Scroll to the next page on the list if necessary. There may be quite a few other networks showing – if you are close enough for the machine to pick them up. Ignore them all except YOUR network name. Touch that.
      10. Now the screen called Encryption Key Entry comes up: it is case sensitive so be sure to enter it correctly. If all goes well it should then tell you Connected to……your network name. Touch OK
      11. Press OK again & you will see another notice telling you that Network settings have been updated. Touch OK
      12. Now go to the iPad. Open the AcuEdit app and touch the target machine – second icon from the top right of the screen. It will take a little time & your Mc15000 should show up on the Target Sewing Machine screen. It will appear with the name you said you have given to your machine.
      13. Touch your machine name & then DONE in the top right corner of this pop up box.
      14. You will need to have a design to send on the AcuEdit screen so pull up any design from the Design icon (little flower on bottom left corner of the screen)
      15. Now touch the middle icon of the three top left of the screen: the Send/save icon. Press send.
      16. The design should then “magically” appear on the machine screen.
      17. If it did not, I need you to write down the message that appears on the iPad screen & contact me again. I will then try to trouble-shoot further.
      18. One thing you should know: if you have resume function switched on in the machine SET menu and the last design you stitched is not finished stitching, you may have to first cancel or OK the resume function message that will pop up on the machine screen before the design will successfully move from iPad to machine. You may be unaware this might be an issue if you do not have the embroidery arm open and the Embroidery mode selected. NOT that you do have to have the machine set up like this. It will send the design regardless but you may be unaware this might be the reason unless you have it set up as I just mentioned……ask me how I know?!

      Hopefully this will sort out the issue you are having. It is probably one tiny step you have missed. If not, contact me again.
      Janome Canada.


  6. Jean Demeulenaere says:

    Can I connect my laptop to the 15000 via a wireless connection? If so please explain how this is done and do I need additional software?
    Regards, Jean


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jean,

      YES, there is wireless connection between the Janome MC15000 and the computer (laptop or desktop) provided you have a wireless router somewhere close enough to the machine & computer. If you go to the SET menu, select the wireless tab & do a search, your router will pick up the MC 15000, iPad and computer. It is simply a matter of checking that the “mother hen” (the router) is there to enable her 3 chicks (laptop, MC15000 & iPad) to talk to one another & play nicely!!

      No, you do not need additional software – just a wireless router in home. If you have wireless internet in your home you already have a wireless router. The software (Horizon Link Suite) and wireless capability on the MC15000 is part of the package when you purchase a Janome MC15000.

      It is quite difficult to explain in this forum exactly how to do this – it is so much easier to demonstrate it with the machine; iPad; computer right there. So we suggest you see your local Janome dealer who should be able to show you how this works and give you further information.

      But if you don’t get the information you need, contact us again. I will not be able to answer in detail this week as I will be traveling doing MC150000 promotions, but I should be able to help further next week.

      Janome Canada


  7. cherylsewing says:

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for all the updates. I’m so happy with my MC15000 – can’t say enough good about it. I love the iPad feature – best baby-sitter one could have. I’m learning the other iPad features as well. The wireless is also great – I only just tried using it – can’t believe I waited a whole month to do that. I’m looking forward to your visit to the Prairies.


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