Just thought I would offer a few trouble shooting pointers – in case you are having issues connecting your iPad to the Janome MC15000 OR perhaps have no idea how to do it……This would then be a good place to find out!

Giving your machine a special name: The naming of the machine is irrelevant to the setting up of the  connection to the iPad. This is done on the SET menu screen for wireless connection. If you would like to give your machine a name different to the Janome MC15000 default name, go ahead. But it does not affect the connection process either way.  Just remember what name you give your machine so you can choose the correct machine later in the connection process.

Edit embroidery designs on your ipad .......more flexibility, more fun and the very latest technology for your sewing & embroidery enjoyment.

Edit embroidery designs on your ipad …….more flexibility, more fun and the very latest technology for your sewing & embroidery enjoyment.

Follow this process for connecting your iPad to your JANOME MC 15000:

  • First – switch off the Janome MC15000 and iPad – close down the Ipad completely by holding down the on/off switch. Don’t just close AcuEdit.
  • Then switch on the iPad again and ensure that the 2 App’s open correctly. Do not try to connect to the machine yet.
  • Now switch on the Janome Mc15000. Go to the SET menu and select the wireless tab at the top. You will recognise which tab by the universal wireless icon with its little bars.

    The WIRELESS icon is the 2nd one from the top right next to the little flag. This is the first page of the COMMON SETTINGS MENU

    The WIRELESS icon is the 2nd one from the top right next to the little flag. This is the first page of the COMMON SETTINGS MENU

  • Ensure this screen on the JANOME MC 15000 indicates that the Wireless Lan is switched ON – this means the ON icon should be black. If it is switched OFF then it obviously won’t detect your router/network! 

Now touch the “gears/cogs” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Touch the little "gears" icon to proceed to the next screen
  • Ensure DHCP is switched ON.
  • Touch SEARCH and you should see your network router name come up. Scroll to the next page on the list if necessary. There may be some other networks showing – if you are close enough for the JANOME MC 15000 to pick them up. Ignore them all except YOUR network name. Touch that.

    Once you have touched SEARCH ,  a screen similar to this will be displayed. I have quite a few networks in the vicinity of my router which were detected. You may have that too or maybe only your own network. If your network name does not appear, try touching the little counter-clockwise circle bottom left of the screen - that takes you to the next page of detected networks.

    Once you have touched SEARCH , a screen similar to this will be displayed. I have quite a few networks in the vicinity of my router which were detected. You may have that too or maybe only your own network. If your network name does not appear, try touching the little counter-clockwise circle bottom left of the screen – that takes you to the next page of detected networks.

  • You should know the name of your wireless network as well as the internet code/password/encryption key that your internet service provider supplied to you. If you do not know this, STOP at this point as you will have to find this out before you can continue.   The next screen is called Encryption Key Entry comes up: it is case sensitive so be sure to enter it correctly. This is the screen which will come up after you have selected your applicable network name: NOW is when you enter your password or encryption key. Once entered, touch OK at the bottom.
  • If your name of your network does not show up, then you are probably too far from the router OR it is not detecting it for some other reason.  If you live in a large home, it could be that your router is situated too far from where you work on your JANOME MC 15000 & iPad.  You could try to establish this is the problem by moving much closer to where your router is situated (just walk there with your iPad & it should show up when you get close enough). This is easily fixed: Just go to any electronics store and purchase a small wireless router. I think this is a much easier way to fix the problem than trying to move either your router or sewing set-up to be closer to one another.  I have a portable router (it is real small – about the size of a cell phone so can easily fit into a purse or laptop case). The reason I need one is because I demonstrate this connection process all over Western Canada and there is no guarantee that I will always be close enough to someone else’s router – or cheeky enough to ask for their password?!  Now, you need to understand that my router does NOT have an internet connection. It is just a wireless router. This is how it was explained to me and I think the analogy is pretty good: Imagine the router is the Mother Hen and that the JANOME Mc15000; iPad and computer are the chickens. As Mom’s we all know that if we want those chickens to play nicely and talk to one another, we have to be close by to act as the go-between!! The router does just that: if the iPad wants to talk to the machine it needs to go through the router. Same for the wireless connection to the computer. So the router is VERY important. Without it you won’t be able to establish a connection between the JANOME MC15000 & iPad etc.  It does not have to be an internet connection. The router in our homes & offices provides wireless internet for our computers as well which is why we think we have to have internet for this connection. Well, at least that was what I thought until the mother hen & chicken analogy was explained to me and that made a whole lot of sense – hope it does for you too!  Thank you, Bill!
Once you have keyed in your password, it will process to connect & then this message should appear on the screen: touch OK

Once you have keyed in your password, it will process to connect & then this message should appear on the screen: touch OK

  • Then another screen (below) comes up. Touch OK for this as well:
Ok this too.
Touch Ok for this too.


  • Now you will go back to the Ipad and follow the further steps below.
Open a design on the AcuEdit screen on the Ipad or edit your own arrangement of designs.

Open a design on the AcuEdit screen on the Ipad or edit your own arrangement of designs.

  • Now go to the iPad: Open the AcuEdit app and touch the target machine – second icon from the top right of the screen. It will take a little while as that little circle turns but  your JANOME Mc15000 should show up on the Target Sewing Machine screen (see below). It will appear with either the default name or the name you may have given to your machine.
When you select the machine with your or the default name (as here), it will turn BLUE.  Touch DONE when selected.

When you select your machine , it will turn BLUE. Touch DONE when selected.

  • Touch your machine name & then DONE in the top right corner of this pop up box.
  • You will need to have a design on the AcuEdit screen to send to the JANOME MC 15000 so pull up any design. Use the Design icon (little flower on bottom left corner of the screen) to access all 480 designs built into the JANOME MC15000 as well as designs saved on the iPad etc.

    here is my edited design selection  ready to send to the JANOME MC 15000. Touch the SEND  icon as indicated in this pic.

    Here is an edited design selection ready to send to the JANOME MC 15000. Touch the SEND icon as indicated in this pic.

  • Now touch the middle icon of the three in the top left of the screen: the Send/save icon. Press SEND.
  • The design should then “magically” appear on the machine screen!
HERE  it is!! On the screen of the KANOME MC 15000.

HERE it is!! On the screen of the JANOME MC 15000.

This may seem like a lot of steps. I broke it down like that to make it easier but once you have done this a few times, you will do it without thinking…….just like driving your car, it becomes an automatic learned behaviour.  There is always a learning curve with something new. We just need to go through that learning curve & later we may wonder what made us so nervous?! Trust me, when we first got this incredible MC15000 and the NEW iPad WIRELESS technology for connecting, I felt very stupid. I did not understand it and could not get it to work initially. But perseverance & practice have paid off & I am very confident now. You will be too!!

One other thing you should know: ask me how I know?!

If you have RESUME FUNCTION switched on in the JANOME MC 15000 SET menu, and you perhaps did not complete stitching the previous design you were busy with, you may have to first cancel or OK the resume function message that will pop up on the machine screen before the design will successfully & magically move from iPad to machine. 

You may be unaware this might be the connection/sending design issue if you do not have the embroidery arm open and the Embroidery mode selected. NOT that you do have to have the machine set up like this – It will send the design regardless. But unless the Embroidery Mode is selected, you may be unaware this might be the reason as this resume mode message won’t show up unless you are in Embroidery mode.

The message that comes up is: design transfer was unsuccessful/ no wireless Lan connection.  To fix this: Select embroidery mode & cancel or OK the resume function message; try to send the design from the iPad again and VOILA! ………you will see I am right…….as I say, ask me how I know!

One further point about connecting the JANOME MC15000 to your computer: we have been talking up to this point about WIRELESS  connection. You DO, of course, also have the cable provided with the JANOME MC 15000 for connecting WITH WIRES! Personally I never use this cable. I prefer to use a USB stick to transfer designs and NOW I use the iPad too. BUT I just wanted to remind you that you do have the cable option should you prefer to use this. Of course, it won’t work with the ipad – that is ONLY wireless but you can use it between computer & MC15000.

About Janome Canada

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  1. Lisa Richmond says:

    Hi Liz I have followed all your instructions and still can not get the iPad to find my machine. The machine is less than 10 feet from the router. Any other suggestions?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Please check that BOTH the ipad and the MC15000 are connected to the router: look on the Settings on the iPad and on the WIFI menu on the machine.
      If they ARE both connected properly to the router they should “talk” to one another.
      If this oes not solve the problem, please contact our Technical Support Helpline for further assistance: by email through or or by phone 1-800-631-0183 Ext 775. They are set up for answering these types of queries.



  2. Darlene Reese says:

    Hi Liz
    Cannot reconnect my AcuDesign and AcuEdit , had lost the connection. Now my AcuEdit says a different machine number than the AcuDesign, so I cannot get the patterns from the program.

    There are four numbers after the name on my AcuDesign, 2921, and they do not appear on my AcuEdit program. Any idea how I can fix this? I have tried to get an email from the Internet, but have had no success.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Darlene,

      It is difficult on this forum to diagnose individual home set-ups and figure out why your connection has been lost. Resetting your router sometimes helps.
      But we recommend you contact our Software Helpline 1-800-631-0183 Ext 775 if your problem persists. Please be patient as they deal with all of North America and may take a few business days to get back to you.



  3. Vickie Kipp says:

    Thank you so much for these instructions! I am getting weekly lessons with my dealer but wanted to jump ahead and start designing on my IPad. JanomeMC15000 connected easily to the internet, but I tried for a week to connect the IPad to sewing machine following your instructions but it didn’t work. Finally this morning I unplugged my the internet from my router, then moved the router close to my machine and went through your steps and the IPad connected right up! Then I shut the IPad down, turned off machine, moved router back to its original location and connected it back to the internet, and went back through the steps to use IPad and it works perfectly that way now also, not sure why it didn’t work connected to internet before but it is working now! Thank you soo much!


  4. Beth Weston says:

    I have spent some time ( like the entire weekend) trying to get the acufil design from the computer into the sewing machine. It goes to the printer very well but I cannot get it into the sewing machine. I have tried with the cable and then tried with the thumb drive. At one point I was successful but I do not know what I did. I am using the Janome 15000. We are going away and I have adopted one of your ideas using up colourful scrapes into smart looking table toppers. So time is of the essence. My husband has been pulling his hair out ( not much left anyway) HA. Suddenly a minute ago he did something and the design is ready to sew but I do not know what we did. Neither does he. I know I have computer challenges but I desperately want to get over them so that I can enjoy this machine to it’s full capability. Over the years I have taken many courses to help me with this. But moving files around always comes at the end of the class. Someone kindly does it for me but I have not learned to do it myself. Apart from this I love the 15000 and I am bonding with it like I bonded with the 10000. Look forward to your help. Beth


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Beth,
      How frustrating for you. Have you received lessons from your local Janome dealer on this matter of transferring designs…here specifically getting the Acufil designs from ACUFIL TOOL in Horizon Link Suite on the computer to the Mc15000? Quite honestly, that really is your first place to go as it is so hard for me to trouble shoot this online when I cannot see exactly what you are or are not doing. Seems neither you nor your hubby know either!? I would suggest you make an appointment to go in to your dealer, sit with them and go step by step through the whole process of what you are doing with your computer, cable, USB stick & machine. You may have to take some of your equipment in to the dealer with you so as to re-create the scenario as closely as possible to prevent further frustration. I am confident the “penny will drop” if you go systematically through it with your dealer’s help.
      All our Canadian dealers have received comprehensive training in order to become certified to sell the Mc15000 so I am confident they will be able to assist you. If not, they can contact us for further assistance. I see you must be in Canada with your telus email address.
      Good luck – hope you manage to complete your current projects. They sound like fun!
      Janome Canada.


    • Pam says:

      I’ve followed your steps several times. I’ve installed, deleted, and installed the apps over and over and my iPad still won’t find my sewing machine to connect even though I’m connected to the internet. HELP!


      • lizafrica says:

        Hi Pam,

        I am sure you are missing some information or vital steps in the connection process. For starters the internet is NOT required to make a wireless connection between the iPad & MC15000. BUT you DO need a wireless router – which you will have if you have the internet.
        Consider how far away from your router you are working? It could be that the router is too far away or not strong enough – just a possibility?

        You truly do need to see your local Janome dealer where you bought your machine as they are the ones who should be showing you how to use all aspects of your machine.

        You are also welcome to contact the Janome Software Helpline via or They will be able to assist you as well.

        JAnome Canada.


      • Judy Johnson says:

        I have been transferring designs from my I-pad to MC 15000 , then yesterday I lost connection. I went through all the steps over and over again (spent 5 hrs) nothing worked. I called my cable co. The technician was not familiar with wireless connections to a sewing machine but walked me through the same steps I had previously done. His conclusion is that I need to upgrade my modem. I don’t know if this will work but on Monday I will try. Why it was working Thursday and not Friday still has me puzzled. Could it be that I connected a new wireless devise and now may have too many, if that is possible? I will get back after the new modem is set up and hopefully works!


      • janomecanada says:

        Hi Judy. It is difficult to diagnose individual home set-ups, but one idea related to someting you suggested: many wireless devices on a home network can lead to duplicate IP addresses. Resetting a router sometimes helps.


  5. Joyce Burns says:

    My new MC15000 has detected my wireless network. My PC keeps asking me to connect with a cable when I try to send a design to the machine wirelessly. The PC is connected to the same network. Is there a step I am missing?
    Joyce Burns


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Joyce,
      I would only use ONE method of transferring designs at a time. Not sure why your PC keeps asking you to use the cable. I have not experienced that.
      Use either the iPad OR a USB stick OR the cable. If you are trying to send a design wirelessly, it has to be done through the iPad (the cable is not wireless – obviously – and the USB stick is nothing new and also not wireless. It would be wise to make contact with your dealer and get your lessons on how to use these various methods of transferring designs.
      Happy New year.

      Janome Canada.


  6. lizafrica says:

    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes, whether we like it or not, technology continues to advance all the time. Which is probably just as well as we would not want to be using the technology that was current many years ago. We get so used to the newer and much better/easier way of doing things.
    The iPad technology is brand new in terms of communicating with the MC15000 embroidery machine and is just not compatible with machines which have hardware of a previous technology. For example the CPU on the 350E is totally different to the CPU on our new Top of the line. There is also no wireless capability on the 350E.
    In the same way, very few of us still have beta video recorders or VHS – both are a thing of the past. We watch DVD’s or PVR’s linked to our TV network.
    Sorry you are disappointed but you could always visit your local Janome dealer for a demo on the new Janome MC15000 – Christmas is coming real soon!

    Janome Canada


  7. Donna Morton says:

    Great instructions Liz! Thanks.


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