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New year, new fabrics…

Favorite fabric finds for 2014

Looking ahead to the new year—we’ve decided to focus  on highlighting many of the fabulous new fabric collections you can  expect to see in stores in the coming months…and, yes, that means 2014!

Glitz and glamour

In a market  currently saturated with solids, small prints, and subtle designs, we’re  happily surprised to see several upcoming collections that bring on the  sparkle. But these new designs are anything but over-the-top or ornate—they  offer a bit of shimmer to otherwise fairly subdued or simple designs.

Glitz collection

The first to  catch our attention was Michael Miller’s Glitz collection, which features pearlized  fabrics in Chic Chevron, Sleek Chevron, Confetti Border, and Quarter Dot  prints. The collection is available in three color palettes—Glitz, Blush, and  Mist—each with splashes of a metallic gold.

Confetti Sparkle collection

Dear Stella  has released an addition to their adorable Confetti Dots collection in the form  of Confetti Sparkle, which replaces the adorably  imperfect white polka dots (and mini dots) with understated gold metallic dots.  Confetti Sparkle is available in red, navy, black, white, cream, and green.

Camelot  Fabrics’ Nightfall collection also features metallic  gold elements that accent its ‘20s-inspired designs. Prints include Fretwork,  Layered Sequins, Baubles, Scroll, Herringbone, Tassels, Lattice, Houndstooth,  and Confetti Dots, all in elegant black, white, and gold color palette.

Dazzle collection

Patrick  Lose’s new Dazzle collection for Robert Kaufman may  not include actual metallic fabric, but the designs certainly create a  glimmer-like illusion through the use of color, movement, and light. The  collection is available in 30 vibrant color stories—virtually every color of  the spectrum—and includes flowing stripes, circles, and dots.

For several  years now, birds—and specifically, owls—have been a super-popular trend in  fabric design . What a Gem collection

But this  year, we’re seeing a related, yet deconstructed take on this feathered  phenomenon in the form of, well, feathers. And this classic design motif has  the fantastic ability to transition from neutral and elegant to colorful and cute with just the change of a few design elements.

The  seemingly Native-American-inspired What a Gem collection by Allison Cole for Camelot Fabrics fits more  closely into the latter of those two categories, with its fun, illustrated  designs and navy, pink, and green color palette. The feather makes its  appearance in both the Dreamcatchers print and as a motif in  the—naturally—Feathers print.

Mercer collection

The new Mercer collection from Dear Stella includes a  feather-motif print (Feather) among its floral (both large-scale and small),  chevron, and dot prints. The collection’s color palette includes an interesting  mix of indigo, golden yellow, soft oranges, and grays.

Feather River collection

Despite its  name, the new Feather River collection from Birch Fabric  features only one actual appearance of the feather among its prints, but we  just had to include it. The other woodlands/camping/fishing-inspired prints in  the collection include campsites, canoes, fish, bears, birds, and trees, all in  a very masculine and muted palette of blues, browns, and grays with small pops  of green, red, and orange.

Sew in style

Finally,  there are two sewing-inspired fabric collections that we’re so excited (we resisted the urge to make that “sew excited?”) about in the new year. Both offer colorful takes on the theme—one  thoroughly modern, and the other slightly more traditional in its  interpretation.

Sewing Box collection

The latter, Sewing Box, from Moda features all things  stitching—pins, scissors, thimbles, pincushions, measuring tape, and notions,  spools of thread, buttons, zippers, and snaps. The multihued collection is  available in several color palettes, and includes vibrant red, orange, yellow,  green, blue, purple, and brown.

Mad Mend collection

And Cloud9  Fabrics’ modern version, the cleverly named Mad Mend, offers prints with monikers borrowed from a certain popular television  show of a similar name: Pete (colorful pins), Don (blocks of thimbles), Peggy  (rows of clothespins), Joan (multicolored buttons), Roger (stripes of  scissors), and Betty (cross-stitch-inspired text spelling out “Make Do &  Mend”). The collection’s contemporary color palette includes teal, gold,  maroon, olive, black, and white.

There is a peek at some of the fabrics we are eager to see in the coming months. So, when you’re making those New  Year’s resolutions this year, avoid the one about sizing down your fabric  stash! 

Ask your local Quilt store about these fabrics & when they might be stocking them for you to add to your stash?!

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