artistic emb collectionsSo, here is more: I used the FONT-TASTIC  CD of designs from the ARTISTIC EMBROIDERY COLLECTION to stitch out a fun JANOME banner. There are 2 different colour ways on the CD to choose from. I noticed that each letter is quite different although there are recurring styles of digitizing through out the 26 alphabet designs so that it “hangs” together beautifully when combined into words.  Each letter is quite large – varies slightly but approx. 3 inches x 3 inches.


Above pic: Take a look at the current project on rather lovely pillow made using this Font-tastic CD.  This project was posted on 17th January 2014. Full instructions are available at

I could have enlarged the letters by 20% on the screen of the JANOME MC 15000  or even larger in JANOME DIGITIZER MBX Embroidery software . What about making a monogram as large as the GR hoop and then mounting this as a door decal? or other home Dec. application. I can see an E and a B in my mind’s eye on my little girl’s bedroom doors. However, in this instance I chose to stitch out the word JANOME  as the size on the CD. I did 2 GR hoopings with 3 letters per hooping. I rotated each design so that the orientation was as I required for my banner.


I also “played” with the colours a little as I choose to use just 3 colours on my banner: black, lime green & royal blue. So for some of the font designs, I “doubled up” on colours & repeated a little. I think I like the results.

fontastic 7

fontastic 6

This was a work-in-progress but just became a quilted banner for our upcoming events.  I thought I might add a few other Artistic Collection designs in the corners?

Decided to keep it simple and just have the word JANOME  embroidered surrounded by Acufil stippling. Banner was bound using the JANOME QUILT BINDER SET

Decided to keep it simple and just have the word JANOME embroidered & surrounded by Acufil stippling. Banner was bound using the JANOME QUILT BINDER SET

I quilted the entire background of the banner using the Acufil stippling and the ASQ22 hoop on the JANOME MC15000 embroidery machine!!  This can also be done on the JANOME MC 12000 AND JANOME MC11000 as all these models have ACUFIL QUILTING (if the Acufil Quilting kit upgrades were purchased for these models).

Showing the Acufil stippling. I left the area between & around the letters un-quilted so that it would puff out a little - like Trapunto - to emphasize the embroidery.

Showing the Acufil stippling. I left the area between & around the letters un-quilted so that it would puff out a little – like Trapunto – to emphasize the embroidery.


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  1. Ali says:

    Liz, I have a Janome MC 15000 also. I would like to learn to digitize a jpg. I also have a Mac computer. Can you tell me please which program you would suggest. There are so many and I would prefer to buy one that I can figure out. 🙂 thank you for help


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Ali,
      Thank you for your query. Digitizing a jpeg/photograph is a bit different to digitizing an image like a bitmap or line drawing due to the 1000’s of pixels which make up the photographic image.
      1. About your Mac. Our Janome DIGITIZER MBX software does not officially support Mac though I personally know of many folk who successfully use our software on their Mac’s. You would need to purchase a software program from a computer supply store which makes your mac “look like” Windows. I have been told the names of a few of these programs but would rather you consult the Computer Supply store for assistance.
      Once you have this installed on your Mac, I am told that our Janome Digitizer MBX works pretty well. As I do not have a Mac, I cannot give you any further information on this.
      2. When it comes to digitizing a photograph, you really do need to use a special technique and have a part or module of software which reads & deals with the jpeg image differently to other graphic files. Such a program is INCLUDED in our JANOME DIGITIZER MBX software program and is called PHOTO CLICK. This software is really smart as it has the capability to read and reduce the number of pixels – pretty much converts them into a lined representation of the photograph. I have done previous blog posts on this topic. You can search in the search box on the homepage of this blog to find what we have to say on this topic.
      3. I do believe you are looking for our JANOME DIGITIZER MBX SOFTWARE. Our Janome Digitizer Junior would not digitize a photograph/j.peg as it does not contain the PHOTO CLICK module.
      4. Our software does have a built-in manual. And DVD’s to learn the software are also available to you. Trevor Conguergood of also offers a comprehensive and ongoing series of webinars that you may subscribe to and gain valuable assistance in your learning. You should know up front, that learning to use any software program is going to require time and patience as there is a learning curve. We do feel that our Janome software is simple and user friendly. I have been exposed to about 5 different brands over the years and definitely can agree with that. Our software is advanced and yet easy to use once you learn the icons & techniques.
      5.One word of advice: I do not think that learning how to digitize a photograph is the best place to start learning how to digitize. I think you would be wise to “cut your teeth” on automatic & manual digitzing techniques first before attempting Photo Click. Not that it is difficult – just that you need a solid foundation to then build upon. OK?
      6. You should also get help, advice and training from your dealer where you purchased your Janome Mc15000. Your dealer should know the machine and our software well and be able to give you assistance & training.

      I hope this helps you.


      • Ali says:

        Liz you are wonderful !! Thank you for all the information. Weirdly enough I believe my hubby purchased the windows program for his Mac to play a silly golf game. Might as well put it to some good use. I understand Jpeg now and which program is probably best for me. Thank you again 🙂


      • lizafrica says:

        Hi Ali,
        Glad to have helped. Happy sewing!



  2. Sonia Rockwell says:

    can you tell me if the designs can be bought separately and if so how much would the one with the owls greeting cost?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sonia,
      The designs are sold on a CD. They cannot be purchased one by one if that is what you are asking. The CD’s come with a varying number of designs. You will see on this blog post you commented from that Owl Greetings has 16 designs on the CD. Unfortunately, I cannot quote retail pricing on this forum. You would need to contact your local Janome Dealer who will tell you how much it costs.
      Hope that answers some of your query.

      Janome Canada.


  3. cherylsewing says:

    I’ve been reading your blog posts and find that you are creating so many nice things. I am enjoying my 15000 so much. It is an incredible machine as are all Janome machines that I’ve used and I’ve sewing a many different models over the last 30 years. Today is sewing day with a couple ladies at my house this week. We’ll have my 7700, 12000 and 15000 being tested thoroughly again today. Quilting is on the agenda this week. I need to get my HoopSisters Feathered Star completed. I think I have all the blocks embroidered – now for putting it together and backing it.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Hope you all had huge sewing fun……I know I did at Janome Days at one of my dealers. Just got back today.
      Yes, the JANOME MC 15000 is an incredible machine. I have been sewing on, promoting & selling Janome machines for a LONG time and this ranks up there as a favourite!!!! Am loving it.

      Janome Canada


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